What Gavin Rossdale's Love Child Is Doing Today

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Daisy Lowe may be the lesser-known of rocker Gavin Rossdale's four children (after all, he's most often spotted spending time with his three youngest kids whom he shares with ex Gwen Stefani), but from her early teens, she's been working hard to build a name for herself.

The 28-year-old (who is the result of a fling the musician had with fashion designer Pearl Lowe in 1988) discovered the true identity of her father at age 15 and has spent the past 13 years mending their broken relationship. All while building a modeling career and taking on any creative projects that come her way. Here's everything the British beauty has been up to these days.

She's working hard to mend her relationship with her dad

Theirs is a father-daughter relationship like no other. After Lowe first discovered that her godfather, musician Gavin Rossdale, was in fact her father, things got seriously rocky. Growing up, the supermodel thought her dad was fertility specialist Bronner Handwerger, but as it turned out, she was the result of a one-night stand between her mom, Pearl Lowe, and Rossdale. The teen made the shocking discovery after she learned that neither her mom nor supposed dad shared her O-type blood and asked for a paternity test.

It was 2004 when the truth was revealed and Rossdale refused to speak to either of the Lowes. "Gavin told me if Daisy, then 14, had a DNA test, he'd never speak to me again and he's kept his word," Pearl told the now-defunct Easy Living magazine in 2012. "I lost him as a friend, but Daisy has a relationship with him, which is great."

Originally concerned about the impact the news would have on his then-marriage to Gwen Stefani, Rossdale did eventually make amends with his daughter who showed major love for her dad in 2016 when she publicly praised his new gig as a judge on The Voice UK. "I'm so excited for him," she gushed. "He will be a really great mentor for his team. He is very sensitive, nurturing and a complete rock star. I can't wait to watch him."

She's pursuing a modeling career

Following in her mother's footsteps, Lowe decided to make the world of fashion hers. Opting for a modeling career, she signed with Select Model Management after being discovered at age 15 and, in 2017, made the switch over to Elite London Management. Lowe has walked in some of the biggest fashion shows in the world, representing top luxury brands from Louis Vuitton to Burberry, and has graced the pages of major magazines, like Vogue and ELLE.

She has also been appointed as an ambassador for the British Fashion Council, "played muse to some of the biggest household names," including legendary photographers Mario Testino and Nick Knight, and is listed as being a "fashion DJ regularly providing the music at prestigious events in London and Europe" under JP Talent.

She's competed on British reality TV

While America has Dancing With the Stars, the UK has Strictly Come Dancing, a show following the same format and sharing two judges, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli, with its US counterpart. Joining the show in 2016, Lowe was partnered with Aljaz Skorjanec and attacked the challenge with a whirlwind of emotions.

"I'm so excited! And terrified," Lowe told the BBC upon first being cast. "I love dancing so much, but I've never done any ballroom dancing before this. I'm so clumsy, so I'm sure I'll fall over a lot," she confessed. "I think the most embarrassing thing that could happen would be that I just freeze up and forget everything." Despite her initial apprehensions, she made it all the way until week 8.

And she's written a cookbook

In July 2014, Lowe added 'author' and 'domestic goddess' to her resume when she published her very own cookbook titled Sweetness and Light: 60 recipes for Healthy Sweet Treats. Featuring a whopping 60 recipes, the book's main goal was to show folks how they can make their favorite treats healthier without compromising on taste. How did Lowe strive to accomplish such a thing? By "making simple changes to ingredients, such as using maple syrup rather than refined sugar, or discovering new ingredients such as raw chocolate."

Talking about its inspiration, Lowe revealed, "I never thought it would be possible for me to kick the sugar habit until I moved to New York. There, I tasted natural products that give you a sweet hit without harming your body... I have more energy, I sleep better, I get sick less often," she continued. "I am feeding myself, not starving or depriving myself of the sweet things I love. I wanted to share these recipes so you can do the same, and love yourself from the inside out."

All of that despite openly struggling with body image

She may have built her career on beauty, but the 28-year-old has suffered from her fair share of body image issues. Opening up on the GLAMOUR Presents: Hey it's OK... podcast in 2017, the successful model got very real about the hardships that come with a career in fashion.

"I think with modeling you're constantly scrutinized for your body," she said, pointing out that, "especially for young people in this day and age with so much social media and everything that's going on, you're constantly bombarded with, 'Am I good enough?'"

Back in 2014, she addressed the same issue with the Evening Standard, saying, "If you stand me next to a normal model I look like an elephant, and that's all right... but it's taken me 10 years to say, 'Oh, I'm actually comfortable in my shape and I'm proud of being a woman and my feminine form'. It's definitely been a journey. It's tough — but I'm still only a size eight!"

She now wants to transition to acting

Coming from such a creative family, it's no surprise Lowe has been exploring various avenues outside of modeling, including acting. Starting small, she appeared in 2015's LOVE Advent and 2016's Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie as herself. Her first major fictional role came in 2017's Tulip Fever, a film about an artist who "falls for a young married woman while he's commissioned to paint her portrait during the Tulip mania of 17th century Amsterdam."

Speaking with the Daily Star Sunday in January 2017, she declared, "I love acting so much and want to do a lot more of it. I'd like to do all sorts of roles so long as I've got a smile on my face."

She's made headlines with countless provocative shoots

Lowe isn't in the least bit shy about baring it all for her job. From sharing nude snaps on Instagram to shooting suggestive commercials for the likes of Agent Provocateur (the lingerie brand tapped her for a swimsuit campaign shot in a bathtub in which Lowe was asked to strip down to her birthday suit), the young model has repeatedly made headlines with her bold career choices. Most provocative to date, however, may have been her XXX shoot for Playboy. Asked why she agreed to pose naked for the iconic mag, she replied, "It's flattering that men think I can be sexy. I would like it if taking my clothes off made other women feel they can do the same."

She's trying to find true love on her own terms

Lowe hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to men. After splitting from producer Mark Ronson in 2008, she embarked on an 18-month relationship with Doctor Who star Matt Smith, which ended amicably in 2011, before being linked to bestie Peaches Geldof's widow, Thomas Cohen, for a mere five months in 2016.

After parting ways with Thom, the young beauty opened up about her dating habits to The Evening Standard, saying that despite having "had one relationship in five years," she would love to become a mother. "I'm not ready yet but I'm really excited about having children at some stage," she gushed after revealing that she's not a fan of modern day dating. "A lot of close friends and family members have got married through online dating. I don't think it would be wise for me to do it," she said. "I like meeting someone and feeling their energy and smelling them, not this 'swipe' thing. That feels wrong to me. I'm such an old-fashioned lady."

While fighting claims that she caused her BFF's divorce

While competing on Strictly Come Dancing and traveling the country on the tour that ensued, Lowe and fellow contestant Louise Redknapp formed a deep friendship. So deep, in fact, that the young model was soon being blamed for causing Redknapp's split from her husband of nearly two decades with tabloids accusing her of introducing her newfound BFF to a party lifestyle that included an increasing amount of time spent away from home.

Redknapp herself seemed to support such claims in April 2017 when she told TV host John Bishop (via Mirror), "I was Jamie Redknapp's wife for 10 years. That's what I was known as. I don't mean that in a negative way, it's obviously amazing but there's a part of me that secretly enjoys just being Louise.

She's also getting vocal about what she believes in

In addition to filling her Instagram with shots from her fashion work, Lowe is also using her social media powers to promote the causes that are closest to her heart. Whether it be promoting artistic causes, like raising awareness and funds for the Royal Academy of Arts to help keep it "independent and artist-run for another 250 years!" or political and gender issues, like pushing women to get out and vote.

"Polling stations are OPEN," she wrote excitedly in June 2017. "Today I am very proud to be British & I am very proud to be a woman. I feel very lucky that those incredible women before me fought for us to have the equal right to vote... Women under 30 are one of the least likely groups to vote... 100 years ago we didn't have that privilege- thank goodness we are alive at a time that we can instigate a change." Proof that Daisy Lowe is not just a pretty face!