Wells Adams Teases Plans For His Long-Awaited Wedding With Sarah Hyland

Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland had a feeling that they were meant to be together. The couple has been together since 2017 when Adams slid into the "Modern Family" star's DMs. The actor spilled the tea on her relationship when she appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." She said that Adams had sent her a private message and told her that he planned to take her out for "drinks and tacos" the next time that he was in town. "He slid into my DMs," Sarah recounted to Jimmy Kimmel in January 2018. "And I was single, obviously, and I was like, 'This is really awesome.” The star remembers thinking, "You're being forward, and it's sexy and, like, not aggressive. But it's very confident and sexy, and I like that."

Adams later revealed on Instagram, "I knew I was gonna marry her the 1st night I met her." And Hyland divulged a similar sentiment to People. She shared, "Our first date he asked to hold my purse while we were dancing, and I thought to myself, 'I think this is the man I'm going to marry.'" "The Bachelorette" bartender proposed to his girlfriend in 2019, and they planned on getting hitched in 2020. Unfortunately, the pandemic happened and they had to postpone their nuptials. However, the couple is still getting married. Adams has even revealed some possibilities they are considering to make their wedding day a reality.

Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland are weighing wedding options

Wells Adams is excited about marrying Sarah Hyland. The cocktail mixer talked to Extra about their plans and said, "COVID delayed us twice. We are hoping to get this thing done this year. If not, we're just going to [Las] Vegas. Powder blue suits, Elvis is doing it ... Regardless, we're going to get married." Of course, this is not the first time that the star has mentioned that they may elope in Sin City. 

In January, he told ET Canada, "Listen, we've postponed it two years in a row. If something else crazy happens this year, then we're just going to go to Vegas." And Hyland seemed open to the possibility when she appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." She said, "But I am totally fine with eloping. Either Vegas or going to the south of France, just the two of us." It seems as if Hyland is good with a small, intimate wedding.

Hyland also clarified why they had not taken the plunge yet. It seems as if Wells may be stalling because he wants certain things to be in place. She explained, "Wells is such a romantic and he wants everybody to be there." She continued, "Maybe that says he loves his family more than I do, but I don't know. I think that hopefully this will be the year." Here's to hoping Hyland and Adams can say their "I do's" this year!