Why Fans Hoping For A Johnny Depp And Kate Moss Reconciliation Could Be Getting Their Wish

The entire month of May seemed to be dominated by the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial. Heard hit her ex-husband with a $100 million countersuit against his $50 million defamation suit, in which Depp claims that Heard damaged his ability to get roles because of a 2018 Washington Post op-ed that she penned. In the op-ed in question, Heard writes at length about being the survivor of an abusive relationship. She notably never named Depp in the piece, but Depp and his attorneys allege that she nonetheless made it clear she was referring to their short-lived marriage.

The case has fans totally divided. Throughout the trial, Depp fans have camped out in front of the Virginia courthouse to show their support. Celebrities have also voiced support for the respective defendants. Other stars have been dragged in to testify. Those on Heard's side included Ellen Barkin, Depp's ex-girlfriend and co-star in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." Under oath, Barkin claimed that Depp was violent, "controlling," and "jealous" during their brief romance, per Entertainment Weekly.

Opposite Barkin's negative testimony, Depp turned to another ex, Kate Moss, to take the stand in his defense. Hardcore Depp supporters are now taking their trial fanaticism a step further and holding out hope for a reconciliation between the two stars.

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp are on good terms

A week after testifying on behalf of her ex-boyfriend, Johnny Depp, supermodel Kate Moss was spotted partying with him at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Despite waiting on the verdict of his defamation trial, Depp flew across the Atlantic last week to perform a few songs with Jeff Beck, who warmly welcomed him to the stage, per the Daily Mail. According to eyewitnesses, Moss met up with him backstage for an after-party following his cameo.

Though they have reportedly remained friendly since their 1998 split, Depp and Moss are likely on especially good terms now that she has come to his defense in his defamation trial. In a brief virtual appearance, Moss disputed Amber Heard's previous testimony that Depp had been violent toward his supermodel ex. Heard claimed Depp had aggressively pushed Moss down a flight of stairs during their four-year relationship. "He never pushed me, kicked me, or threw me down any stairs," Moss said, per People.

A rekindled romance with Moss isn't the only romance fans are hoping for. Depp's devoted fanbase has also been positing that Depp may get together with his attorney Camille Vasquez. Internet speculation reached such a crescendo that the paparazzi felt pressed to actually ask Vasquez for comment. She smiled and refused to respond, per TMZ. She's also married, so that romance seems about as likely as a reconciliation between Depp and Heard.

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