Brody Jenner Just Took A Significant Step In His New Relationship

Brody Jenner has made headlines over the years for being a ladies' man. For example, in May 2021, Entertainment Tonight reported that after he and his ex-girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter split, in August 2019 after five years together, Jenner appeared to move on pretty quickly, as he was seen kissing Miley Cyrus within that same month and ended up briefly dating both Josie Canseco and Daisy Keech soon after that.

Following his breakup from Carter, Jenner went on to get serious with personal stylist Briana Jungwirth in the summer of 2020, which ended up running its course not long after, per TMZ. Sources told the outlet that the seriousness of the relationship was what ultimately led to its demise — Jenner simply wasn't ready for that level of commitment. Ironically, Jungwirth was the one to move on seemingly without a second glance, as she got engaged only one month after things ended with Jenner.

Since the split from Jungwirth, Jenner has continued dating. In a June 2021 episode of "The Hills: New Beginnings," it was revealed that he and co-star Audrina Patridge had been getting romantically evolved (via Hollywood Life). However, this relationship was also not meant to be and Jenner has since moved on once again. In fact, he recently confirmed who he's been dating these past couple of months in an Instagram Story.

Brody Jenner and Tia Blanco have big news

On May 31, Brody Jenner and Tia Blanco announced to the world that they are officially dating via an Instagram Story posted to "The Hills" alum's page (per People). The snap featured Jenner's dog in the foreground, followed by Jenner himself, and then Blanco with her arms around her beau. Jenner also tagged the professional surfer and added a blue heart — a simple yet effective way of declaring his feelings. In a separate video set, Jenner and Blanco rode bikes while Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" played in the background. Cute AND romantic!

This revelation hasn't come completely out of the blue. In mid-May, a source told TMZ that Jenner and Blanco had been dating since April after meeting one another in Hawaii. They both happened to share a passion for outdoor adventuring, especially surfing. The source added that the connection was immediate. Also in May, the duo was photographed leaving Erewhon Market in Calabasas, California, on one occasion. On another, they were spotted riding bikes in the Santa Monica Mountains. However, it seems both wanted to leave the public guessing as to the true nature of their relationship until Jenner's recent Instagram Story. We're curious to see whether this is the match that has been eluding Jenner all along or if it, too, will run its course eventually.