The Eyebrow-Raising Rule Michelle Duggar Follows In Her Marriage To Jim Bob

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar put the "T" into "traditional family values." The couple shot to fame in 2008 via "17 Kids and Counting." As Michelle and Jim Bob welcomed more of God's gifts into the world, the title changed accordingly, ending at "19 Kids and Counting." The show was a smash hit, becoming TLC's top performer, with 3.2 million tuning in to watch the premiere of what would prove to be the penultimate season, per Variety.

The Duggars identify as Independent Fundamental Baptists (IFB), an extreme conservative and evangelical Christian offshoot. Per their website, the IFB church is big on the rapture, which will take "all true Christians up to Heaven." Paving the way for Jesus' return, who will then "execute all of the Christ-rejecting and Bible-rejecting sinners." It's a grizzly ending for the sinners as they're all "cast into The Lake of Fire to burn there forever."

The IBF interpretation of the New Testament is markedly different from run-of-the-mill Christians, who believe Jesus is all about love and acceptance — enemies, neighbors, and all. Unsurprisingly, the IFB church has strong views about a woman's purpose and role in life, with a long list of directives on how to be a good wife and best please and serve your husband. The Duggars strive to adhere to all the IFB church statutes and commands. And there are more than one or two eyebrow-raising rules Michelle Duggar follows in her marriage to Jim Bob.

Michelle Duggar believes in always saying 'yes' to Jim Bob

To celebrate her 34th wedding anniversary in 2018, Michelle Duggar shared IFB's top tips for perfect partnerships on the family blog. Among the many eyebrow-raising rules Michelle follows in her marriage to Jim Bob Duggar is meeting the "seven basic needs of a husband." Among the instructions for keeping hubby happy is making sure you "honor his leadership." "Make appeals, not demands." Keep your looks and always be "grateful."

Michelle expanded by linking to a comprehensive guideline, which includes commands to be "meek and quiet." To stay thin and not gain any weight. Fully submit to hubby's will and appreciate his authority. Wait on him hand and foot and "enjoy the privilege of physical intimacy" because otherwise, it'll "[crush] his spirit." The couple spilled some scorching hot tea on "physical intimacy" in a 2014 interview with Today. Michelle proclaimed the number one rule is to always "say yes to sex, even when you're tired." (Of course, this isn't something we'd recommend — you should only say yes when you 100% want to.)

Michelle said a friend advised her, "be available. Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love that he has, and you always need to be available when he calls." Michelle admitted the advice was "a lifesaver" for their relationship. "We're like a newlywed couple every day!" Jim Bob chimed in. But, forget the eyebrow-raising rules Michelle follows in her marriage there are way more sketchy things everybody just ignores about the Duggars.

Michelle Duggar occasionally says 'no' though

There are exceptions to the always say "yes" rule that Michelle Duggar follows in her marriage to Jim Bob. She revealed it's a firm "no" when a woman's menstruating. However, sexual abstinence makes the heart grow fonder. "When you've missed it for seven days, you look forward to it even more," Michelle told Today. She shared that spouses must also abstain for a few months after giving birth.

Michelle and Jim Bob are sticklers for following rules. When unmarried couples go on a date, they must be escorted by a chaperone to ensure they're protected from giving in to lusty longings or unholy urges. The Duggars also enforce a strict pre-marriage no-contact rule, although a quick side-hug is occasionally permitted. However, the parents haven't always stuck by the rules themselves. Michelle and Jim Bob confessed that they once gave in to sin and locked lips before their marriage ceremony.

"We did not save our first kiss for our wedding day," Michelle admitted in "Counting On" (via Showbiz CheatSheet). She said they both "really regret" their temptation transgression. "[The wedding was] still special, but it's probably not as special as it would have been," Jim Bob said. Meanwhile, the Duggars' fame is over after TLC was forced to permanently cancel them following a scandal that tore the Duggar family apart. Josh Duggar, who molested four of his sisters and a babysitter as a teen, was sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in prison for possession of child porn.