Inside KJ Apa And Charles Melton's Friendship

Fans of "Riverdale" are familiar with Archie and Reggie's friendship. But the relationship between the fictional characters — played by KJ Apa and Charles Melton — seems to mimic that of their real-life counterparts. Melton joined the popular teen drama series in Season 2, taking over the role of Reggie after Ross Butler's exit. However, the "American Horror Story" actor appeared to have a seamless transition into the role. He previously talked about his relationship with Apa and revealed that the two were very much alike. 

"We're very similar. We're very competitive as well, and you can tell a lot about a person by how hard they work in the gym," Melton told E! News in 2017. He jokingly added, "KJ knows that he has to post at least one post about me every three days, 'cause I'm his hero, I'm his alpha male."

The pair have clearly built a strong bond on-set. But their relationship off-screen seems to be just as strong as Archie and Reggie's.

KJ Apa hilariously gushed over Charles Melton

KJ Apa made it clear that he'd spend the rest of his life with his "Riverdale" co-star Charles Melton, in a game of "Bang, Marry, Kill." A fan posed the question to the actor, who made no secret of his love for his pal Melton. "Yeah, I'll answer it like this," he responded (via Seventeen). "If I were to marry one of them, I would probably marry Charles." And while Apa didn't select co-stars for the game's other questions, the decision to hypothetically spend eternity with his on-screen BFF makes sense.

Apa is, of course, in a relationship with model Clara Berry, but it looks like he tried to keep his promise to his pal Melton about posting photos of him on social media. Apa has shared several photos of his friend on his Instagram, although not as often as Melton previously joked about. For fans who may have been wondering if Apa and Melton will end their friendship after the show ends, Melton has made it clear that will not happen.

Charles Melton and KJ Apa's bromance is still strong

It was announced in May that "Riverdale" would be ending after seven seasons. However, Charles Melton seemingly has no plans to end his bromance with KJ Apa even after the cameras stop rolling. He posted a photo of the pair — alongside co-stars Cole Sprouse, Drew Ray Tanner, and Casey Cott — with a loving message about their future. "I love you guys," Melton wrote, adding, "Last day but not really."

And that was not the first time Melton had gushed over his friend, Apa. Melton shared a slideshow of images on his Instagram, which showed the actors seemingly sharing a behind-the-scenes kiss. "Idk there is something in the air," Melton captioned the post. To which "Riverdale" star Vanessa Morgan responded, "Must of missed this [in] the script."

For his part, Apa shared an image of himself and Melton walking alongside Apa's girlfriend, Clara Berry. "That's ur fam right there," one fan commented, alongside a chorus of other fans and supporters.