Inside Yellowstone Star Kelsey Asbille's Real-Life Relationship

Sometimes the acting is so good — you can't help but wonder if it is real! And for "Yellowstone" fans, that is precisely what they were wondering about their favorite on-screen couple Monica Dutton and Kayce Dutton – played by Kelsey Asbille and Luke Grimes, respectively.

Shortly after Season 4 wrapped in early 2022, Paramount renewed the show for another season — amid its massive success, per Deadline. That success has not only been amongst fans and viewers as the Season 4 finale raked in 15 million viewers but the show finally took home prominent award nominations — something the show was snubbed from in the past. For example, the show received nods from the Screen Actors Guild and the Primetime Emmy Awards.

But what fans love most about "Yellowstone" isn't the nominations or the awards. Instead, fans love that the western-style show meets murder mystery keeps them on their feet in every episode — especially with the intertwining love stories. Take the love story of Monica Dutton and Kayce Dutton, which left fans spinning after the Season 4 finale and wondering if Monica and Kayce Dutton's relationship problems stem from their real-life relationship?

Are Kelsey Asbille and Luke Grimes dating in real life?

While at the end of Season 4 of "Yellowstone," Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) left fans on a cliffhanger when he told his wife Monica Dutton (Kelsey Asbille) that he saw the end of their relationship in a vision, luckily, that doesn't mean Grimes feels that way personally about Asbille.

During a sit-down interview talking about the previous seasons, Grimes and Asbille gave fans a glimmer of hope that these two were really together when they were finishing each other sentences and offering cute nods to their on-screen relationship. "We personally hope they end up together," Grimes said about him and Asbille's relationship as the Duttons. "But you never know."

But before fans get their hopes up for too long — these two set the record straight that they are sadly not together. But that doesn't mean their relationship is any less real even though they're not dating. In fact, while these two aren't romantically linked, these two still give a sense of love and affection for one another. Like when the two walked red carpets together, including the 2022 ACM Awards where Grimes revealed he was ready to get back to filming "Yellowstone" as he missed Asbille, per ET. But for fans, while it's hard to believe these two aren't together, Grimes is a bit more vocal about his personal relationship — leaving fans to wonder if Asbille is taken herself, or waiting for Grimes?

Kelsey Asbille is dating her former co-star William Moseley

It is no wonder that many fans are led to believe that Kelsey Asbille and Luke Grimes are not just dating on the screen but in real life as well, as Asbille is dating a co-star of her's — just not Grimes! 

In fact, Asbille has been dating her former co-star William Moseley since 2012. While the two have been together for a decade, there has been no news on whether the two are still together, engaged, or broken up. But since then, the two have kept their relationship extremely private. But in 2018, Asbille did hint that they were still going strong when she revealed that she loves to binge-watch the shows Moseley stars in. Since these two have stayed so private over the last decade, that could be why so many fans thought Asbille and Grimes were the real deal. 

But Grimes is married to model Bianca Rodrigues Grimes. So, for fans, while the co-star Asbille is dating is not Grimes, luckily that doesn't mean there is any love lost between these two — as they say, they are always rooting for Monica and Kayce Dutton on-screen and so are we!