Betty Who Reveals The Reality Host She Wanted To Imitate In The One That Got Away - Exclusive

When singer and songwriter Betty Who first heard the concept for the reality series "The One That Got Away," she knew she knew there was something special about it. "There are so many dating shows out there, and the thing that really spoke to me was the element of history in this one," she explained during an exclusive interview with our sister site The List.

"The One That Got Away" sets out to explore a single idea: What if the person you're destined to be with is someone you already know? Throughout each episode, various people from each of the six contestant's pasts emerge from "The Portal" in hopes that they can ignite a spark with their former friend.

Leading these potential lovers through each stage was something completely new for Who, who had never hosted a television show before. "I did watch a lot of reality television coming into it," she admitted. "I wanted to get a vibe of different hosts."

There was one specific reality host that she wanted to emulate in the series, too.

Betty Who studied how Jeff Probst hosted Survivor

When it came to learning the ropes of hosting reality TV, Betty Who continually turned to one show in order to prepare: "Survivor." "Jeff Probst is what I know," the singer told The List. "It's not a dating show, but Jeff Probst is one of my favorite hosts."

It turns out that watching a survival series is actually very similar to any dating show — love can be brutal, after all. At least, that's what Who wanted to imitate while hosting "The One That Got Away." "[Jeff Probst] is not afraid to get in there and stir some stuff up," she told us.

Who is pretty good at stirring the pot over the course of the season, too. In every episode, she appears exactly when contestants are least expecting — and certainly not wanting — to meet their brand new match at "The Portal."

In each episode, Who knew exactly what she had to do. "I want to be as shady as Jeff Probst is," she laughed. "That's what I want."

Season 1 of "The One That Got Away" is available to stream now exclusively on Prime Video.