Why Ray J Got Brandy's Face Tattooed On His Body

While Jack Harlow may not have been aware of Ray J and Brandy's sibling bond, that doesn't mean the duo hasn't been vocal about their close friendship. After Brandy hit it big with her music and "Moesha" in the 1990s, her younger brother started to make waves in the spotlight in the early 2000s. The duo collaborated on a cover of Phil Collins' iconic single, "Another Day In Paradise," in 2001 and have continued to work alongside one another. As noted on IMDb, Brandy appeared in episodes of Ray J's reality show, "For the Love of Ray J," and later joined forces with her sibling to star in their own show, "Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business," together.

During a joint televised interview in 2020 on "The Tamron Hall Show," Brandy opened up about how she overcame some of the hurdles in her life. In return, Ray J expressed how "proud" he was of his sister. "I think that sometimes when you tap into your real story and you let people know what you're going through, you start to realize that a lot of other people are going through something very similar," the "One Wish" hitmaker expressed, adding, "Sometimes your journey can help their journey and vice versa. So I commend you B, I'm proud of you."

Ray J thinks so highly of his iconic sister that he has gone as far as getting a tattoo dedicated to her.

Ray J's first leg tattoo is of Brandy's face

Ray J's love for his sister is so serious that he got her face tattooed on his leg. As seen on Instagram, he shared a video of him getting the ink done while Brandy's song "Best Friend" played over the top. In his caption, Ray J explained he plans to get the rest of his leg tattooed with "music," "love," "scriptures," "the vocal bible," "family," "ghosts," "positive words," and "themes — real gothic-like." However, the very first was of his older sister who he insists is "the best doing it," adding, "I had to start with my best friend!!"

As seen in the snapshot above, Ray J chose a photo of Brandy wearing her hair in her signature long braids. Across her face are the phrases "Best friends 4 life" and "From Ray with love." While Brandy has yet to comment on the ink, it appears Ray J got the seal of approval from her as the "Talk About Our Love" hitmaker shared the video on her Instagram Story.

In just 17 hours, Ray J's post attracted a lot of attention, racking up 32,000 likes and over 1,700 comments. "I love their friendship," one user commented, adding a heart emoji. "That is so dope," another person shared. "That's really sweet," a third fan remarked. That's one way of proving you have a close bond with your sibling, that's for sure!