LFO's Devin Lima Undergoes Surgery For Tumor

The "Summer Girls" singer is in recovery.

In a video posted to YouTube on Oct. 18, 2017, Devin Lima and his LFO bandmate Brad Fischetti told fans that they have to postpone the next leg of their Rich in Love tour, as they'd found out some unfortunate news about Lima's health.

"Our brother Devin is having a big surgery," Fischetti revealed, explaining that doctors had discovered a large tumor on Lima's adrenal gland, affecting his heart and kidneys. While Lima was expected to do well in surgery, doctors did apparently warn him that they may need to remove more than just the tumor if the situation was worse than they thought.

"We're prepared for them to take out a few things... They mentioned, like, a kidney, a spleen, part of a colon," Fischetti, 42, explained to fans. Lima will need eight weeks to recover from the operation.

While Lima praised holistic methods, the 40-year-old admitted that it's important to seek professional medical advice, noting that it's possible he could have spotted his tumor sooner if he'd visited a doctor for regular check-ups. However, he added, the pain from his tumor had only started about three weeks earlier.

On Oct. 19, Fischetti shot a video from the hospital, showing Lima in bed after the surgery. Fischetti told fans that the tumor was about the size of a football, but, luckily, doctors didn't have to remove the organs that Fischetti and Lima thought they would, though Fischetti did say that Lima was "minus one kidney."

On Instagram, Fischetti thanked fans for their support, writing, "We're awaiting the pathology report so please continue to pray that the tumor was NOT cancer. Thanks again for all your support. Much love."

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly in July 2017, Lima and Fischetti opened up about returning to music after the 2010 death of their bandmate Rich Cronin, who passed away after a battle with leukemia. "We're sincerely thankful and excited to have the opportunity to create new music and tour again," the two told the magazine. "We miss the presence of our late great brother bandmate Rich Cronin. We will do our best to make him proud, carry on his legacy, and to usher LFO into the future."

We wish Lima a speedy recovery!