Below Deck Down Under: Who Is Aesha Scott's Boyfriend, Scott Dobson?

Aesha Scott is no newbie to adventure. Now, the "Below Deck" star is facing her latest adventure — a new boyfriend. Well, he's not all that new, as the two have been together since 2020. 

Let's rewind a little. In Season 4 of the reality TV show, Scott started a relationship with Jack Stirrup — but things didn't pan out once the season ended. According to Screen Rant, Stirrup reunited with his ex-girlfriend and Scott broke it off.

But Scott moved on with no regrets. In 2022, she told Page Six, "[Stirrup] made doing that season that much more fun and I loved his company. It was a great time." Now Scott is arm-in-arm with her new boyfriend, Scott Dobson. And the couple has a lot in common. For starters, Dobson and Scott come from the same hometown, Tauranga, New Zealand, per Distractify. Scott told Bravo that the two went to high school together and had crushes on each other. But no one took the next step during that time. Years later, he slid into her direct messages — and the rest is history.

So, what else do we know about Aesha Scott's boyfriend, Scott Dobson?

Aesha Scott's boyfriend Scott Dobson is a true adventurer

These lovebirds are two peas in a pod. In a 2020 interview with Bravo, Aesha Scott said "He's literally like the male version of me" — but according to her, more extreme. In fact, Scott Dobson lived in an old ambulance he converted. She joined him in Colorado and explored the states on a three-month road trip. And while the reality TV star is also adventurous, she wasn't exactly stoked about the living situation. She said, "When we go back to Breckenridge, I think he'll probably stay in his ambulance." Scott didn't hold back her feelings about the unconventional home. She continued, "But I said to him, 'I'm bloody moving into a house,' because there's no f—ing way I could do a rocky mountain winter in our ambulance. I'd just be miserable."

You can witness the dynamic duo's adventures on Scott's Instagram and YouTube channel. The couple takes lots of magnificent trips together — sailing, hiking, and soaking up the breathtaking natural scenery around them. Scott's claim to Bravo that Dobson is an "adventure junkie" is very much evident. Just take a look at his Instagram page. One word: speedflying.

Aesha Scott and Scott Dobson are head-over-heels in love

Scott Dobson is head-over-heels for his girlfriend Aesha Scott. In November 2021, Dobson shared an Instagram post wishing her a happy birthday. He wrote, "Not only is she talented and beautiful but also very natural and the most graceful human on the planet."

The feeling is mutual for Scott. The "Below Deck" star hasn't been shy about professing her love for her boyfriend on Instagram. In March 2022, Scott shared a romantic black-and-white photo of the two laying together outside looking happy as ever. She captioned the post, "The man that makes my heart feel like what my face is doing" with two star emojis.

As for their future? Marriage and babies are on deck. Scott told Page Six, "We talk about that all the time and spending our life together. But it's one of those things where we're not in any rush." Scott is clearly living in the moment and savoring the romance. She explained, "We're just so happy and we're in such a good place ... I'm really sentimental and I love to enjoy each separate phase."

Aw, we're here for the romantic vibes!