Corey Feldman Reveals $10 Million Plan To Expose Hollywood Pedophiles

The former child star is reportedly ready to name names.

On Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017, Corey Feldman posted a video on YouTube, detailing his plan to expose pedophiles in Hollywood. "What I'm proposing is a plan that I believe can literally change the entertainment system as we know it, and I believe that I can also bring down, potentially, a pedophile ring that I've been aware of since I was a child," he explained.

"Right off the bat, I can name six names," he continued. "One of them who's still very powerful today. And a story that links all the way up to a studio. It connects pedophilia to one of the major studios."

Feldman's plan, which he's called the "Truth Campaign," is to create a film describing child abuse in the industry and opening up about his own personal experiences as a victim. The 46-year-old said he'll direct, produce, and distribute the film so that it remains unedited and untouched by a major studio. But, he explained, he needs fans' donations in order to cover the cost of the film as well as a legal team he can hire to protect himself and his family.

According to Feldman's Indiegogo page, his goal is to collect $10 million. At the time of writing, he's amassed over $94,000 by 1855 contributors. "This is much bigger than raising finance for a film, this is about the balance of Good and Evil in very real terms," the page's description reads. "This can truly be a way to regain control over who has access to children in the industry, while weeding out the criminals who have already caused the damage. This is a call for the world to unite for a most important cause, to preserve the innocence of children."

In his 2013 memoir, Coreyography: A Memoir, Feldman revealed that both he and friend Corey Haim, who passed away in 2010, were victims of sexual abuse as children. However, he did not list the names of his alleged abusers in the book.

Numerous people have been coming forward about sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry in the weeks following multiple exposés about movie producer Harvey Weinstein's alleged history of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and rape.