Celebrities Who Turned Justin Bieber Down

Justin Bieber has a bit of a reputation for being spoiled, what with his past full of various crimes and his flippant attitude about them. Not so long ago he seemed to try his hand at turning his life around, but one thing that hasn't changed is his almost pathological habit of trying to pick up every attractive woman he spends any time with. He probably succeeds with a lot of these women, but not all of them.

Ariana Grande

Like most multi-millionaires his age, Justin spends a lot of time on social media. Recently he stumbled on a video of his friend Ariana Grande on Instagram and decided to let her know how good she looked. In fact, he said "Damn Ariana, u look so good." High praise. Ms. Grande, however, is not in the mood for any Bieber drama. First, her boyfriend Ricky Alvarez gave Bieber a reply with "Keep looking player—I already told you she was." Later Ariana herself took to Twitter with a more colorful message, "Not today satan!!!!!! gtg finish this music & live my cute, drama free life!!" That's a heck of a lot of exclamation points. She must really mean it.


Showing that Bieber at least has a bit of a sense of humor about his exploits, he posted one of his rejections to Instagram for fans to enjoy. The photo is just of Bieber and Rihanna sitting together with the caption "'Can I have your number please?'—Justin, 'Nah'—Rihanna." It's worth noting that Rihanna is also 6 years older than Justin. Though he doesn't seem to mind any sort of age difference, it's possible more than one of the ladies he's gone after in his life does.

Chelsea Handler

Speaking of older women, the 40-year-old Chelsea Handler noted that the worst interview of her career so far has been Justin Bieber, and the blame rests strictly with Justin. Why? Because he kept trying to flirt with her. Some people might think having Bieber flirt with them would be flattering. Handler didn't think so, saying "It was so uncomfortable. Like that's his shtick, he would come on and flirt with you and you just feel like a child molester." To add further weirdness to the situation, the interview Handler is referring to took place in 2011, when Justin was only 16. Odds are any woman would have felt the same in Handler's place in that circumstance.

Lara Stone

Remember those Justin Bieber Calvin Klein ads from not so long ago? They were parodied all over and some people even suggested Bieber's physique had been enhanced with a bit of Photoshop trickery. The ads also featured the gorgeous blonde model Lara Stone. Word from the shoot was that Bieber tried unsuccessfully to hook up with his co-star during the shoot, suggestively licking his lips and giving her the sexy eye. Stone, for her part, had to shoot Bieber down by telling him that not only is she a wife and mother, she's also old enough to be his mother and has no interest in partying. Just to clarify, Stone is only 10 years older than Bieber, but her point was still fairly well made.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is enjoying a period of unprecedented success with pretty much everyone, everywhere in love with her. She has nerd cred, rom com cred, drama cred, teen girl cred—she appeals to every audience. And just like the rest of us, Justin Bieber is not immune to her charms. On a British radio show, Justin was playing an intellectual game entitled "To Bae or Not to Bae" and when the topic turned to Ms. Lawrence, Justin responded with "Bae for sure. She's so sexy. She's unbelievable. She's so cute." Sometime later when Lawrence was in town on another show, the topic was brought up and she was asked if she had any interest in Justin. Her answer was a less than promising "I'm going to say a hard no."

Miley Cyrus

Back when Miley Cyrus was still family friendly and Bieber had that fishbowl haircut, the two sang a song called "Overboard" together. There's video of the rehearsal process during which Justin makes numerous attempts to get a little closer to Miley, which she laughs off, refusing to hold his hand. When the actual show takes place and the two perform live, Miley holds up her end of not wanting any of Bieber by continuing to avoid him on stage despite a number of attempts he makes to bridge the gap between them. At one point he does manage to get an arm around her waist, so maybe that counts for something, but it seems like there's no reciprocation at all here, especially since it's so public.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Cannes always sounds like a glamorous, celebrity filled party time, but it seems that even celebrities get sick of celebrities every so often. While Justin Bieber was busy partying the night away at a club in Cannes, he spotted Leonardo DiCaprio at a VIP table. Being the people person that Bieber is, he decided to dance his way over to Leo and join the fun. Now this could just be one of those unsubstantiated rumors, but according to those unnamed sources who always tell these sorts of stories, Leo took a look at Bieber and just gave a headshake to the whole situation, not letting Bieber past security to his table. Why shoot down the Biebs? Because Leo thinks Justin is "a twit." Here's hoping he literally said that out loud.