Erika Jayne Clearly Didn't See Her Latest $50 Million Lawsuit Coming

It's expensive (or should we say XXPEN$IVE) to be Erika Jayne. Years ago, the Bravo-lebrity came with a high price tag thanks to her couture wardrobe and $40,000 a month glam squad. Thuogh, as the years passed, Jayne's lifestyle became much more costly thanks to a never-ending stream of lawsuits.

Back in 2020, long after Jayne became a well-established "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star, her life began to crumble. Jayne filed for divorce from her husband of nearly 30 years, famed attorney Tom Girardi, and was then slapped with a series of lawsuits. The lawsuits stemmed from Jayne's relationship with Girardi and his alleged mishandling of client settlements over the years. Jayne got dragged in because her expensive lifestyle seemed like it was being bankrolled by Girardi's ill-gotten funds — or, as some suits alleged, that she was a front for the whole operation.

Jayne has yet to divorce Girardi. Her critics claim it's because she never wanted to leave him in the first place; they only split so that they could hide funds, per LA Times. Jayne claims she has yet to leave him because she doesn't want to pay alimony, per Page Six. Either way, as long as she's connected to Girardi, the press will stay bad, and as Jayne just found out, the lawsuits will get even worse.

Erika Jayne's problems keep getting worse

If Erika Jayne had hoped that her separation from Tom Girardi would stop the flow of legal woes, she couldn't be more wrong. As of July 2022 Jayne's problems are far from over. In photos exclusively obtained by Page Six, Jayne can be seen being served with a fresh new lawsuit as she arrives at LAX. The case in question was filed by Edelson PC. It accuses Jayne of racketeering and unlawful business, totaling $50 million.

Jayne has not commented publicly on the new filing, but she has her hands full with a heap of other problems at the moment anyway. Jayne recently had to return some diamond earrings worth nearly $750,000 — once a gift from Girardi — because they are likely stolen property, per People. Then there's her career.

Outside of her relationship with Girardi, Jayne has been able to maintain a career of her own, thanks to her Bravo contract. However, Jayne, already on the outs for potentially stealing millions from widows and orphans, is having a tough season of "RHOBH." She recently came under fire for telling Garcelle Beauvais' 14-year-old son to "Get the f*** out of here. Get the f*** out of here," when he interrupted a party at his mother's request, per People. Jayne later apologized and promised to watch her drinking moving forward, though it was too little too late for Beauvais. "We've all had many a drinks," she reportedly said, "but how you behave is really who you are."