Why A New Video Of Miranda Lambert Performing Is Causing A Stir

Country music star Miranda Lambert has always struggled with weight and body image, per Hello!, as she pointed out that her 5-foot-four-inch height makes her body seem more bulkier. But that doesn't stop her from writing hits and inspiring other young women through her music.

"I feel like the girls I'm singing to, or even the people listening, are people just like me ... they've made their mistakes; they go through things, high and low," Lambert told Pollstar in March. "So, I tell stories for everyone who can't. I'm kinda representing all of us. And when you come to one of our shows, we're all kinds: blonds, brunettes, redheads, big and little."

The "Bluebird" singer faced pressure when she moved to Los Angeles with her then husband, Blake Shelton, according to the Los Angeles Times. She also talked about how her music has been able to stand out from an industry that is generally male-dominated. Lambert's fierce personality has helped her tackle life's obstacles, including internet haters.

Miranda Lambert's fans defend the country singer

Miranda Lambert has been rocking it out on stage during her tour, and fans have been posting their favorite moments on social media. According to Daily Mail, a TikTok user posted a video of the country star singing her hit collaboration single with Elle King, "Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)." The internet trolls made sure to comment on her body image, though, calling her "Miranda HAMbert" and commenting things like "go to the gymnasium."

But the "Gunpowder & Lead" singer has a strong fanbase who stood up to the haters, per Page Six. "I have the same body type," a fan commented. "She makes me feel safe." Many comments on the TikTok highlighted that the haters appear to be men as one comment wrote, "Just so the guys know ... women look like this in real life." Others pointed out that Lambert looks like she's having fun onstage as one TikToker wrote, "She looks happy and that's all that matters. Weight and looks don't define you. Your heart and how you treat people does."

It seems that Lambert doesn't care about the hate comments she gets. "I just don't give two s***s about people's opinion of me, my marriage, my music or anything else," the country singer told People in June. "I just care that I'm being me."