What Happened To Bryan Kattenburg From Below Deck Med?

He might have attracted a band of haters due to his strong character and chauvinism, but there's no denying Bryan Kattenburg made the first season of "Below Deck Mediterranean" interesting. The reality show, which debuted on Bravo in 2016 as a spin-off of "Below Deck," chronicles the drama among crew members of a luxurious mega-yacht during a charter season around the Greek Islands.

Kattenburg, 35, was introduced as a skilled captain who has fully embraced the "yachtie lifestyle" and who "finds being a leader being natural," per Bravo. He also "took pride in getting along with everyone," although this didn't translate as Kattenburg clashed with several of his crew members. One of them was Jen Riservato, who's made it known that she was not very fond of her boss. She told Bravo's The Daily Dish, "I felt filled to the brim with dislike for Bryan ... I've seen the real [him] and it's bad. No exaggeration."

In addition, Kattenburg also received a lot of hate from fans during his tenure on the show as First Captain. He was accused, amongst other things, of being sexist, an "arrogant p***k," and "ultra aggressive" toward his crew members. Of course, it's worth noting that reality shows such as "Below Deck Med" are edited in a way that punches up the drama. Kattenburg himself acknowledged this when he told Bustle in 2016, "I kind of come across as the bad guy." So, whatever happened to the First Captain after "Below Deck Med"?

What is Bryan Kattenburg doing now?

Not much is known about Bryan Kattenburg since his stint on "Below Deck Mediterranian." Although, according to his LinkedIn profile, the former reality star has pursued a different career path. Currently, he works as an associate producer for the Miami-based media company Lemonlight. He also previously worked as a business development consultant and a marketing manager in Melbourne, Australia.

Moreover, Katternburg, like his batchmates Tiffany Copeland and Hannah Ferrier, is now married. Back in March 2019, the "Below Deck" alum popped the big question to his then-girlfriend Giuls Mori during a romantic vacation in the Bahamas. "March was a great month, but especially because of this moment," wrote Kattenburg on Instagram as he announced his engagement, per The Daily Dish. "Love you Giulz! Let's ride into the sunset together! So many adventures ahead!" The couple went on to get married in San Francisco, California later that year. They have also since welcomed their first child together.

How Bryan Kattenburg feels about Below Deck Mediterranean

Bryan Kattenburg drew ire from "Below Deck Med" fans for his aggressive behavior toward his crew members, notably Jen Riservato. According to SheKnows, the series made a "huge effort to turn Kattenburg into the bad guy," as he was shown exhibiting concerning behavior. The outlet seemed his treatment of Riservato "unacceptable."

Since the show, Kattenburg slammed Bravo for his inaccurate portrayal on the show. "They did not portray me as who I really am. I think they made me look a lot worse, to be honest," he said on "We Are Gunsmith" podcast in 2018, expressing his frustration. "I remember talking to the producers like, 'Hey, what the hell. You guys are burning me alive. Like this is not how things went down. Things were a lot more positive than you're showing how it was.'"

Speaking with Bustle in 2016, Kattenburg said that contrary to what "Below Deck Med" painted him to be, he's not always so serious and domineering in real life. In fact, he described himself as a rather "easygoing guy" who enjoys "water sports, being outside, meeting new people, and socializing," amongst many other things. "When I'm in work mode, I get the job done, I work really hard, and I try to do things fast and I always look for the next thing to do," Kattenburg said. "But when I'm off charter and not working, I'm extremely relaxed, and all I want to do is have a couple laughs."