What The Cast Of True Blood Looks Like Today

HBO's True Blood definitely had its ups and downs over its seven season run, but to the show's fans, it will always be remembered for its campy and captivating portrayal of supernatural Southern life. In the years since the show went off the air, its stars have built on their time in Bon Temps with some exciting and unexpected career choices. Here is where the cast of True Blood is now. 

Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse)

Anna Paquin was already an Oscar winner when she signed on to lead True Blood as the supernaturally inclined waitress Sookie Stackhouse, so it makes sense that she received quite a few awards and accolades while she was on the series as well, including a Golden Globe. Paquin has continued to build on her long career with impressive roles since True Blood wrapped, although she's also been busy in her personal life as well. 

Most True Blood fans will know that Sookie and Bill weren't just the OTP on screen — they were also a couple in real life, with Paquin and Stephen Moyer getting together while filming the series' pilot and getting married in 2010, while the show was airing its third season. Paquin gave birth to twins, Charlie and Poppy, while the show's fifth season was airing. 

Because of her family obligations, Paquin has been a bit quieter on screen in recent years, but she's still kept busy. The actress voiced a character in Pixar's The Good Dinosaur and made a guest appearance in the History Channel's Roots miniseries before landing the lead in the CBC Television series Bellevue.

Paquin also recently appeared in Netflix's Margaret Atwood adaptation Alias Grace, and she has an appearance in the highly anticipated Amazon Video anthology series Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. Paquin seems to be sticking with streaming, as she is next set to appear in Martin Scorsese's Netflix film The Irishman, playing the daughter of Robert De Niro.

Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton)

Just like his wife, Stephen Moyer has also kept busy since wrapping up True Blood, both on screen and off. In addition to raising his two young children, Moyer was also already a father to two from previous relationships. He also works with the Clare Foundation, which fights against addiction, something which he has struggled with in the past.

Moyer has been working hard on screen as well. In 2015, he starred in the Will Smith-led biopic Concussion, and that same year, he played one of the leads in Kurt Sutter's FX series The Bastard Executioner. Although that show only lasted one season, Moyer bounced back quickly, landing parts in the drama Juveniles and the thriller Detour.

Moyer also had a role in the ITV1 drama Safe House before appearing in the Fox miniseries Shots Fired. He stayed in the family when it came to his next role, signing on to lead the live-action X-Men series The Gifted. On the show, Moyer plays Reed Strucker, a lawyer forced to cope after learning his children have mutant powers. The twist? His former job involved putting mutants in jail. 

Paquin has also had a pretty big role to play in the X-Men universe as Rogue in the series' original film trilogy, and Moyer said he definitely called upon his wife when it came to advice about the big part. "She was great about setting up the idea of what the world stands for," he said

Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte)

Sam Trammell played everyone's favorite shape-shifter bar owner Sam Merlotte on True Blood, and his charm has kept him on screen in the years since the show went off the air. That kicked off with a starring role in the comedy Me in 2014 the drama 3 Generations in 2015 and later continued with lead roles in the thrillers All Mistakes Buried, which he also co-wrote and produced, and The Track

Trammell's more recent roles include appearances opposite John Travolta in the crime drama I Am Wrath, Daniel Radcliffe in the thriller Imperium, and a starring part in the Mexican drama film La Gran Promesa. Trammell has also booked guest roles on Survivor's Remorse and Training Day.

Trammell recently landed a role on another hit TV series, playing the handsy band partner of Mandy Moore's Rebecca on NBC's hit series This Is Us. He even got to make his singing debut for the series alongside Moore, something which finally brought his years of experience as a musician to the screen.

Trammell, a father of two with his wife, actress Missy Yager, also has a lot of exciting upcoming roles lined up, including a starring part opposite Emmanuelle Chiriqui in the thriller Hospitality. He is also set to appear in the J.K. Simmons Life Support with his former True Blood co-star Chris Bauer and the drama It's Time.

Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse)

Australian actor Ryan Kwanten captured viewers' hearts as Sookie's sweet but a little stupid brother Jason on True Blood, and the charming star has continued to do well for himself since the series went off the air. His notable appearances include parts in the drama Reach Me and the actioners Kidnapping Mr. Heineken and Blunt Force Trauma, and the rom com Who Gets the Dog?, alongside Alicia Silverstone. He has also had voiceover roles in Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Apollo Gauntlet

Kwanten recently booked a highly anticipated return to television, signing on to star in the Crackle drama series The Oath. The show will feature Kwanten playing the son of Sean Bean's Tom Hammond, who leads a gang of cops. The show is set to debut in 2018, so unfortunately, we still have time to go before Kwanten is back on the small screen. For now, though, you can get your Jason fix by looking at these adorable pictures of the actor and his long-time girlfriend, Ashley Sisino.

Rutina Wesley (Tara Thornton)

Rutina Wesley was the ultimate BFF (albeit with some vampiric caveats) to Sookie in True Blood, and so it makes sense that she's been able to build a successful career since the series ended. That started with a recurring guest role on the critically acclaimed Hannibal and also took her to a role as the anti-vigilante cop Liza Warner on The CW's Arrow.

Wesley's biggest role since True Blood, though, was actually spawned by something she did before landing her role on the series. Wesley's first acting role came from a Broadway workshop for The Color Purple in 2006, and it was at the network of the show's producer Oprah Winfrey that she landed the starring part in the Ava DuVernay series Queen Sugar

On the critically acclaimed series, Wesley plays Nova Bordelon, a journalist who, along with her two siblings, inherits a sugarcane farm in a place that should be very familiar to True Blood fans— Louisiana. Wesley earned a NAACP Image Award nomination for outstanding actress in a drama series for her work on the show.

Wesley, who got divorced in 2013, usually keeps her personal life private, but she did speak out in June of 2017 after the death of her former co-star Nelsan Ellis, who played Lafayette on True Blood. "He was a lover, he loved everything which is why people didn't understand him," Wesley wrote in a touching tribute. "That's the beauty of it. He thought everything was beautiful. Everything." 

Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman)

Alexander Skarsgard was tragically looked over for all of the major TV awards for his enticing role as Eric Northman on True Blood, but he made up for it with a terrifying, Emmy-winning turn on the HBO miniseries Big Little Lies in 2017. Although his character (spoiler alert) didn't make it to a potential second season, he still made a huge impression on the show's fans with his daring portrayal of the villain.

Before Big Little Lies, Skarsgard took some time off of television to take some film roles, including an appearance in Zoolander 2, following up his 2001 appearance in the first film. He also appeared in the drama The Diary of a Teenage Girl, the thriller Hidden, and the action comedy War on Everyone before leading his own blockbuster with The Legend of Tarzan in 2016.

Skarsgard also has a lot of exciting upcoming roles set for the future, including a starring role opposite Nat Wolff in the thriller The Kill Team, a starring part alongside Jesse Eisenberg in the drama The Hummingbird Project, and an appearance in the Netflix sci-fi thriller Mute. Something tells us there are a lot more high profile roles ahead for this former vampire.

Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux)

True Blood fans who still feel bitter over Alcide's untimely death should know that they're not alone— in interviews after the fact, Joe Manganiello also seemed unhappy with the way the character was treated, saying that he wished they had hewn closer to the books. However, he still seems to have loved his time on the show, and he said he'd be willing to reprise his role in a spin-off if the rights ever became available. (Someone please get on that, ASAP.) 

Manganiello has still kept busy since True Blood went off the air, though. In 2015, he gifted us with a second Magic Mike appearance in Magic Mike XXL, and the next year he popped up on an episode of Mom and in Pee-wee's Big Holiday. In 2017, he fittingly voiced Hefty Smurf in Smurfs: The Lost Village and appeared in episodes of CelebriD&D and Critical Role.

However, perhaps Manganiello's most exciting upcoming role has been long delayed. The actor signed on to play Batman villain Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, in a stand-alone film for Ben Affleck's take on the brooding millionaire, but the movie has been struck by production issues and pushed back from its planned release date. 

While it's unclear if Manganiello's Deathstroke will still factor into the finished product, fans definitely want to see his take on the classic evildoer. For now, fans can look forward to seeing Manganiello act opposite Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the upcoming video game adaptation Rampage.

Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby)

Deborah Ann Woll is instantly recognizable to True Blood fans thanks to her fiery red hair, but she actually lost the signature look for her most notable role since wrapping up her run as Jessica Hamby on the HBO series. In 2015, Woll was asked to go blonde after landing the lead part of Karen Page on Netflix's flagship Marvel series Daredevil, a role which she has since reprised in The Defenders and The Punisher

Woll actually took the part because of her longtime boyfriend E.J. Scott, who has choroideremia, a condition which will eventually cause him to go blind. Woll and Scott are both active in doing charity work to fight the disease on social media, and the actress has said she is happy that Daredevil is helping to bring more visually impaired characters to the screen.

Woll's time in the MCU is nowhere near done, with Daredevil gearing up for a third season and not showing any signs of slowing down. However, she's also worked on expanding her profile on the big screen, signing on to appear opposite Logan Miller in the psychological thriller The Maze and with Martin Starr in the indie Silver Lake.

Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam De Beaufort)

Kristin Bauer van Straten was an immediate scene stealer as Eric's progeny Pam on True Blood, so it makes sense that the actress has gone on to have a very successful career since the show ended. Van Straten, who is married to documentarian Abri van Straten, kicked off her post True Blood career with a role in the comedy thriller Teen Lust

Since then, she has also reprised her role as Maleficent on ABC's Once Upon a Time, which she landed while still playing Pam. She has also appeared in Amazon's horror series Lore, the drama Kingmakers, and the romance Rich Boy, Rich Girl. Most notably, she had a small part in Nocturnal Animals, which earned an Oscar nomination for her co-star Michael Shannon. 

Bauer also spends a lot of time working on various activism projects, most of which are related to helping animals. On her website, van Straten lists maintaining nature as one of the things she cares most about, and she frequently pushes people to care for the earth and think about their actions on her social media pages

Chris Bauer (Andy Bellefleur)

Chris Bauer's Andy Bellefleur was one of True Blood's most underrated players, popping up in a whole lot of different storylines throughout the series and providing a much needed voice of reason (or, sometimes, just adding to the craziness). Since the show went off the air, Bauer has continued to be a valuable utility player in a number of high profile shows and movies.

This kicked off with a small role in Brad Bird's Tomorrowland, followed up by roles in the miniseries The Lizzie Borden Chronicles and the anthology American Crime Story. Bauer also landed a recurring role on the Starz series Survivor's Remorse, which concluded in late 2017 after four seasons.

Bauer's other roles include an appearance in the fittingly named romcom Temps (no relation to Bon Temps, though), a part in the Michael Shannon drama Wolves, and a role in the Tom Hanks starring Sully. Bauer, who can also be seen in the Dylan Sprouse thriller Dismissed, has also recently booked more high-profile TV roles, appearing in HBO's The Deuce and the Law and Order True Crime series based on the Menendez murders as the real-life journalist Tim Rutten.

Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler)

Carrie Preston is actually an Emmy winner, although its not for her beloved role as Arlene Fowler on True Blood. The win (and one additional nomination) came from her guest starring role on The Good Wife, which she reprised in 2017 on the CBS All Access spin-off The Good Fight.

Preston, who has been married to Lost star Michael Emerson since 1998, has had a long career in TV and film, quickly booking roles on The Following and Getting On after wrapping the HBO series. She later landed a lead on Showtime's one season dark comedy Happyish and then appeared on NBC's one season sitcom Crowded.

Preston has also appeared opposite Emerson in his CBS procedural Person of Interest and starred in the critically acclaimed Netflix film To the Bone. Most recently, the actress landed one of her first villainous roles as the ex-con Polly in the TNT summer breakout Claws, which is set to get a second season in 2018. 

Todd Lowe (Terry Bellefleur)

Todd Lowe's Terry Bellefleur didn't exactly meet the best fate on True Blood, but the actor has definitely done well for himself. Lowe's most prominent role since wrapping the HBO series came in reprising his role from the teen hit Gilmore Girls in three of the episodes of Netflix's A Year in the Life revival, in which fans got to catch up with his character Zack and the rest of the residents of Stars Hollow.

Lowe, who is also a musician like his Gilmore Girls character, has also guest starred on an episode of Criminal Minds and appeared in the TV series Cold since True Blood. He notably had a guest starring arc on Ryan Philippe's USA series Shooter, playing a combat veteran, just like his True Blood character Terry. 

Jim Parrack (Hoyt Fortenberry)

Jim Parrack's Hoyt Fortenberry took a break from True Blood in season six to move off to Alaska, and during that time, Parrack started setting himself up for an impressive post-series career. This included an appearance in the war film Fury and a starring role in the Broadway production of Of Mice and Men

Since the show went off the air, Parrack has continued to book impressive roles, popping up in Wild Horses, The Adderall Diaries, The Blacklist: Redemption, and Trouble. Parrack's most notable role, though, has been his appearance in the DCEU, with the actor playing Jonny Frost in 2016's Suicide Squad. Although Parrack's character bit the dust in the film, this is the superhero world, so it would be smart not to rule out any potential appearances in the burgeoning universe. 

Parrack divorced his first wife, Ciera, shortly after True Blood finished up its run, but he was engaged again come August 2014, this time to True Detective actress Leven Rambin. He and Rambin married in October of 2015, but the pair split up in March of 2017. Elsewhere in his personal life, the actor has said that he also likes to occasionally drink blood IRL, so he and Hoyt apparently still have something in common.

Adina Porter (Lettie Mae Thornton)

Adina Porter had to wait seven seasons to earn a status as series regular on True Blood for her impressive performance as Tara's troubled mother, Lettie Mae. However, as soon as she got the opportunity for increased screen time, Porter seized it, showcasing one of the first of many scene stealing performances she would have throughout her career.

Porter was already pulling double duty through the end of True Blood's run as she also starred on HBO's The Newsroom, and shortly after both shows wrapped up, she signed on for a post-apocalyptic role on The CW's The 100, a role which she continues to reprise. During those next few years, Porter also had guest starring roles on Code Black, The Leftovers, and The Catch. She also made a brief return to vampire-dom for an appearance on The CW's The Vampire Diaries.

The ever busy Porter soon landed a recurring role on the WGN America series Underground and eventually worked her way into the hugely popular Ryan Murphy universe with a widely talked about role in American Horror Story: Roanoke. After a brief appearance on Ray Donovan, Porter went back to AHS for Cult.

Anna Camp (Sarah Newlin)

Anna Camp was very good at playing bad on True Blood as the final villain Sarah Newlin, and although her character met a grisly fate, Camp has done very well for herself since the series ended. This kicked off with guest appearances on The League, Key and Peele, and Resident Advisors, along with a reprisal of her Pitch Perfect character in Pitch Perfect 2 and the upcoming Pitch Perfect 3.

Camp has also made further outings into film, appearing in Café Society, Brave New Jersey, and Caught, although most of her appearances have been on the small screen. These include a memorable guest role as an uptight socialite on Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and a leading role on Amazon Video's critically beloved Good Girls Revolt. Although the feminist series was canceled after one season, Camp and her fellow cast mates have been active on social media trying to earn a second. 

Camp was previously married to actor Michael Mosley, but the pair divorced in 2013. Luckily, she's already found love again with her Pitch Perfect co-star Skylar Astin, who she got engaged to in January of 2016. The pair got married in September of that year and have since been populating their social media with aww-worthy looks at their lives.