Brian Austin Green Opens Up About His Health Struggles During Sharna Burgess' Pregnancy

Brian Austin Green is the proud papa of five boys. The "Beverly Hills, 90210" alum welcomed his first son, Kassius, two decades ago, when he was in a relationship with co-star Vanessa Marcil, People noted. Green and Marcil broke up in 2003, but the actor soon after moved on. A year later, Green began dating Megan Fox, with whom he had three more sons, Noah, Bodhi, and Journey, born in 2012, 2014, and 2016, respectively. Green and Fox broke up in 2020, finalizing their divorce in October 2021, according to Entertainment Tonight. Shortly after separating from the "Transformers" star, Green found love again in "Dancing with the Stars" pro Sharna Burgess. 

The couple wasn't expecting to add another little one to Green's brood so soon, though Burgess wanted to have her own kid later on, she told Entertainment Tonight in June 2021. But destiny planned a different schedule for them. In late 2021, Burgess discovered she was pregnant, despite her being on contraceptives, she revealed in an Instagram Q&A (via Daily Mail). "Universe made her own plan, found a window and went for it," she said. "There was definitely divine timing with this one and we are excited about it, trusting in it." In June, Green and Burgess welcomed their son Zane, he announced on Instagram.

Not everything about the timing of Burgess was perfect, however. Amid her pregnancy, Green suffered a health crisis that affected his ability to be a proactive partner, an experience that was beyond frustrating.

Brian Austin Green was bedridden with ulcerative colitis

Brian Austin Green wishes he could've helped Sharna Burgess more in the second half of her pregnancy, when she needed support the most. "I was bedridden while she was pregnant," he said on "Good Morning America" on August 12. "She's doing all these things and I can't help with any of them." Green was suffering from a particularly severe bout of ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory disease that producers ulcers along the bowels, according to Mayo Clinic. "I obviously didn't mean to get sick, but man, what an inopportune time," he lamented.

Green first opened about his health troubles in April, when he shared an Instagram video to explain why he had been absent from social media in recent weeks. "Horrible timing. Sharna was amazing," the actor told his fans. The flare-up came on when Burgess was about six or seven months into the pregnancy. Burgess had no experience with the condition, but the Australian dancer was shocked to see its effects firsthand. "I didn't realize how debilitating it was until I saw him and watched weight drop off him," she told "Good Morning America" in May. Green lost about 20 pounds in those few weeks he spent in bed.

This wasn't his first bout of ulcerative colitis. Through his crises, Green has learned methods to keep it under control, which he accomplishes mainly through dietary restrictions. "I try and avoid gluten and dairy as much as possible," he told "GMA" in May.