Millie Bobby Brown Is Pursuing An Unexpected College Degree

Millie Bobby Brown has continuously surprised and defied expectations since reaching global superstardom on Netflix's "Stranger Things." The twice-Emmy-nominated actor, at age 18, became the highest-paid "Stranger Things" cast member as of Season 3, tying with David Harbour and Winona Ryder at $350,000 each episode, per Variety. Furthermore, Access Hollywood reported in July that Brown scored $10 million to return for the sequel to 2019's "Enola Holmes," making her the highest-paid actor under 20 in all of Hollywood. The accomplishment is even more impressive in light of Brown's humbler beginnings. As the young star told BBC News (via News18) once, her dad only drove her on auditions once she memorized every line because "we did not have enough money for gas."

In 2017, Brown also made the revelation that she developed her über-successful performing career whilst half-deaf. Speaking to Variety, Brown shared that although she was born partially deaf in one ear, her hearing left that ear completely over time. Despite being unable to fully hear herself speak or sing, Brown didn't let that stop her from performing. "If you genuinely enjoy doing it, then do it. No one should stop you," she told Variety at the time. 

One of her generation's most unique talents, Brown recently revealed another surprising facet of her multidimensional life. 

Millie Bobby Brown is joining higher education to give back

Millie Bobby Brown is a co-ed — well, sort of! In a revelatory interview in Allure's September issue, Brown shared that she was enrolled online at Purdue University in Indiana. As Brown told the mag, she is studying Human Services, where "you learn about the system and how to help young people." According to Purdue's website, its Human Services program revolves around helping others "improve their life circumstances," providing students with knowledge of "human development and family studies, skills for working with people in service agencies, and program evaluation skills." Potential careers for those with a degree in Human Services range from becoming an autism specialist to a youth worker. 

While it's unknown how Brown will ultimately utilize her education, the actor has been active in helping other youths for some time. Working with her family's production company, PCMA Productions, Brown realized she could help shape the future through media. Explaining to Allure that "at first it was really fun," Brown eventually realized, "Gosh, I could really do things with this."

In addition to higher education, acting and producing, Brown has also undertaken humanitarianism to help others. In November 2018, UNICEF announced her as its youngest-ever Goodwill Ambassador at age 14. Dedicating her efforts toward youth-specific issues such as school safety and combatting bullying, Brown said upon her appointment that she looked forward "to meeting as many children and young people as I can, hearing their stories, and speaking out on their behalf."