What Really Happened Between Natasha And Dave On Below Deck Med?

Season 7 of "Below Deck Mediterranean" sailed onto the screens on July 11. This time, fans were treated to a cruise on the crystal clear and turquoise blue seas surrounding the picturesque island of Malta. The cast of "Below Deck Mediterranean" Season 7 included a bunch of new crew members. But, despite being fresh faces, they still made a memorable impression, especially Chief Stew Natasha Webb and Chef Dave White.

Per Bravo, Captain Sandy Yawn's goal was "to ensure smooth sailing this year." However, all hopes soon went out of the porthole, thanks to the drama between Natasha and Dave. The two crew members had previously worked together and were buddies when they boarded the 163-foot yacht "Home," but it didn't take long for them to go from friend to foe after she denied they'd been in a relationship.

There's been oodles of scandalous relationship drama on "Below Deck," it's one of the (many) things fans love about the series. However, what occurred between Dave and Natasha was more about duplicity than drama. She persistently played down what had gone down between them in the past, insisting it'd just been casual hook ups. Natasha's gaslighting made Dave look like an unhinged fantasist and led to him firing off a flurry of furious texts. It also almost resulted in him walking the plank to unemployment until Natasha unexpectedly stepped up and pled his case, leaving fans scratching their heads. So, what really happened between Natasha and Dave on Below Deck Med?

Natasha regrets her treatment of Dave

Like holiday romances, boatmances rarely last longer than the couple's tans. That's definitely the truth with "Below Deck Mediterranean," where things get hot and steamy on the high seas and then turn icy cold back on shore. It's a lesson that Dave White learned the hard way, in front of millions of viewers, during Season 7 of the hit Bravo show. The chef nearly lost his job after firing off a flurry of furious texts to Chief Stew Natasha Webb. In addition, #TextGate caused an onboard storm as the waves of drama engulfed the crew.

Natasha eventually fessed up to what really went down between the two and the part she had to play in the unfortunate incident. She admitted that despite her previous denials, Dave had been more than a casual hook-up and that he hadn't exaggerated or been delusional about them having had a relationship.

"I didn't want everyone to judge us on the situation," Natasha told E! about why she decided to keep their past romance a secret. She said that she had spoken with Dave about it over texts, whereas he'd been more vocal about their situation, leading to many people viewing her in an unfavorable light. Natasha admitted she should have been "more open and honest" about things and that she regretted her choices and behavior. "We all make mistakes in life," she said. "Unfortunately, that was just one of those things that I had to get through."

Dave's put the Natasha drama behind him

Natasha Webb's repeated denials of what really happened between her and Dave White in the past resulted in him losing his cool and sending her a series of rage texts. Natasha told E! that she regretted acting the way she did and keeping their past relationship a secret. And, it turns out that Dave has his regrets too. During an exclusive interview with "Up and Adam," he said the pressures of working as a chef on a superyacht are even worse when you add reality TV cameras. "I was like a kettle ready to explode," Dave admitted.

He said trying to cover up his relationship with Natasha didn't help the situation. "Honestly, it was eating me alive lying about it," he shared. However, Dave said he regretted venting his anger in the texts he sent and insisted he doesn't hold any bad feelings towards Natasha over what went down. "To be honest, I'm glad I met Tash," Dave said. "Because I still think she's a great person regardless of what happens there."

Meanwhile, he's put the past theatrics behind him and moved on in life. Dave volunteered his services for a chefs' charity mission to Ukraine. He said the experience had been "humbling," and he hoped the war would end soon. "To [firsthand] witness he courage of the Ukraine people standing up against these [bullies] and just getting on with their [lives] is truly incredible and inspirational," he posted on Instagram.