The Untold Truth Of Laurel Stucky

You may know Laurel Stucky for dominating the game on MTV's "The Challenge," where she paved a way for herself as a ruthless competitor, ever since she started in 2010. The Michigan native is serious about her game and has earned a reputation for rubbing people the wrong way with her somewhat abrasive, no-nonsense demeanor. But her determination to succeed and bulldoze through any obstacle in her path has paid off during many seasons of the hit franchise, going on to win "Free Agents" and take second place in "Rivals," per Distractify. Her impressive record of nine elimination wins and just two losses overall in her many seasons on the show have earned her a reputation of being one of the greatest competitors to ever play the game.

But the slender, tall athlete is more than just a pretty face and an elimination queen. Stucky is quick to remind her fans that she has a lot going on in her life other than reality TV shows. Although she loves the adrenaline of competing, she's involved in many different endeavors that keep her occupied when she's not vying for the chance at millions of dollars. But what exactly does she do? Here's the unfiltered, untold truth of Laurel Stucky.

Laurel Stucky is cozy with her castmates

Laurel Stucky is no stranger to reality TV romance. The "Challenge" vet's had her fair share of hookups on the show, though they've never taken away from her competitive focus. She was romantically linked to her castmate, Nicole Zanatta, while filming Season 29, at which point she came out as bisexual. The pair split after six months of dating, however, and Stucky even surprised Zanatta on MTV's "Ex on the Beach." Despite a brief rekindling on "EOTB," the pair ultimately decided they were terrible for each other — and they're still beefing about it. Stucky has been public about her dislike of her ex-girlfriend, tweeting, in part, "Nicole treated me like garbage" and "if that [episode] was any insight into our relationship for ya ... you can see why I got the HELL out." Zanatta clapped back, tweeting, in part, "Laurel Stucky since I am blocked please with all due respect keep my name out of your mouth." Yikes.

Zanatta has since gotten engaged to her partner, Lauren, and Stucky seems to have found another "Challenge" castmate to dry her tears. Love was in the air at the wedding of Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols, and Stucky reconnected with many of her former competitors, including Jordan Wiseley. According to a "Challenge" Reddit thread, fans noticed the two stars getting cozy in the background of Nany Gonzalez's since-deleted Instagram Stories, reposted by a fan. However, we'll have to wait and see what the future holds.

She was on Fear Factor

It seems like Laurel Stucky can stomach a lot, literally. The reality TV personality took a spin at a special revival of the hit show "Fear Factor" that aired in 2017. The episode pitted MTV's cast of "The Shredder's" against "Challenge" veterans. In the special episode, she starred alongside her former castmates Johnny Devenanzio, Leroy Garrett, and Aneesa Ferreria. Partnered with Ferreria, Stucky had to down a "fro-yo" mixture of squid ink and fish juice in the hopes of winning $50,000.

The reality competition vet spoke about her experience on "Fear Factor" in a podcast interview, saying it was the grossest thing she's ever eaten. Stucky described her "involuntary responses to the disgustingness of it." But unfortunately, her efforts were in vain, as Devenanzio and Garrett went on to take home the prize money. But like, does Johnny Bananas really need another $50,000? Isn't that chump change to him at this point?

She's become a vet

Laurel Stucky is now Dr. Stucky. The "Challenge" vet is big on animals, so much so she studied to become a veterinarian. The official "Challenge" Instagram fan page reposted this snap from her Instagram highlight, showing her professional headshot with the caption "Soon to be Dr. Laurel Stucky, I am in slight disbelief." Stucky frequently posts snaps of her riding horses and getting cozy with her furry friends, so it's not hard to see her passion for her new career.

In since-deleted tweets obtained by this Reddit thread, Stucky wrote, in part, "My goal is to help all animals and animal owners. I want to help people care for their creatures. ... This is my life dream." The vet noted how nothing in her life had given her the importance she felt following her passion for animals, writing, "I truly believe this is how one is supposed to feel in their career." Stucky frequently posts about the environment and working with animals, even tweeting about performing her first live surgery as the surgeon, writing that she was "making strides." Way to go Dr. Stucky!

Laurel Stucky was sexually assaulted

Laurel Stucky has shared some traumatic details of her past in an Instagram post (via People), opening up about being sexually assaulted. The "Challenge" champion confessed that she was raped at 21, writing about the life-altering event and the importance of consent. "I can't tell you how many times I wished the guy who did it had only asked if I wanted it too," Stucky wrote, "For years, I struggled with a lot, but primarily being able to take control of my choices." Stucky accompanied her caption with a photo of her wearing a shirt that read, "Consent is Sexy."

Stucky continues to champion women and empower them in any way she can. She spoke to blogger Allan Aguirre about her reputation as being one of the most powerful "Challenge" players, and not just among women. "It is especially meaningful to me that you place me amongst the men, because that is where I want to be," she said, "I hope that I prove that women can get on in there and compete WITH the men." It's no question Stucky has done just that, beating countless men on the show and earning her a reputation as a fearless competitor.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

She has a rocky relationship with Cara Maria Sorbello

One of the most memorable feuds on "The Challenge" was Laurel Stucky and her castmate, Cara Maria Sorbello. The pair first met on "Fresh Meat II" as rivals, but then sparked an unlikely friendship when forced to work together on "Rivals." Stucky spoke to Johnny Devenanzio about her relationship with Sorbello on his podcast "Death, Taxes, and Bananas." When Devenanzio asked her about Sorbello, Stucky chalked it up to a contrived storyline by production. "I don't think I would have hung out with her if we weren't partnered together," she recalled. "She decided to make a television show of our personal relationship. ... I would never do that to somebody that I called a friend."

Sorbello spoke about the pair's relationship to People while filming "War of The Worlds 2," citing that Stucky often makes her feel small. "In her good moments, she's been the kindest, most beautiful soul imaginable," Sorbello said. "If I'm confident in what I'm doing, that's when she tries to push me back down." Stucky took to her Instagram Story in 2022 (via the official "Challenge" Instagram) to respond to fans questioning her relationship with Sorbello. "I have, currently, no beef with Cara Maria," Stucky said. She went on to say that the last time she saw Sorbello — during the filming of the "War of the Worlds 2" reunion — she told her in the elevator, "You do know if you ever need to call me, I'm here."

She publicly apologized for using a racial slur

In the world of cancel culture, things from the past always have a way of coming back to bite. For Laurel Stucky, it's no different — aside from her having to put out the fire in the harshness of the public spotlight. According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, fans noticed a 2016 tweet from the reality star after her appearance on "Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love," where she used the n-word while quoting a Rihanna lyric. Stucky addressed the situation on Twitter, writing, "I am no longer too proud to apologize for hurting someone. If this hurt you, I am so sorry. At the time, I was just obsessed with that song."

Her castmate and friend Johnny Devenanzio was quick to jump to Stucky's defense, tweeting back, "You're perfect just the way you are Stucky! Don't ever change." But his comment was met with some criticism, with one fan writing, "This is not your apology to accept. You're not black." Another user chimed in tweeting, "No one asked you." This exchange came in the wake of fans criticizing MTV stars for past racial slurs in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. MTV previously cut ties with some of its "Challenge" stars, including Dee Nguyen, who sparked outrage when she tweeted, "IDK why some of u think I'm anti BLM. I've been saying that since the day I lost my virginity."

The reality star can sing

In addition to being smart, athletic, and overall a total boss babe, Laurel Stucky has a hidden talent for being a great singer. On her YouTube channel, Stucky has various videos showcasing her skills, which mainly consist of her singing covers in bars. She sang to famous hits by Stevie Knicks and folk rock duo Simon and Garfunkel. Stucky has also posted footage of herself singing alone and alongside a partner. And not only can she sing well, she can also play the guitar, which has been showcased in her videos. The reality competition star has a Soundcloud account as well, where fans can find some of her covers, as well as her strumming along to beats.

Stucky's musical prowess and voice got a great reaction from fans who commented on her YouTube videos. One fan wrote, "You were like a 10 in my book, now that I see you sing country, just went past it!!!! Good job, keep doing it!" While we knew she could crush it on "The Challenge," we had no idea she could carry a tune! Is there anything this multi-talented woman can't do? 

Laurel Stucky was dubbed the Queen of Eliminations

Less of an untold truth and more of fact is just how dominating Laurel Stucky is on "The Challenge." The veterinarian has quite an impressive track record, winning nearly all eliminations she has been in on the show. According to Screen Rant, Stucky has won nine of the 11 eliminations she competed in. She's commonly referred to as the "elimination queen" and is always setting the tone for other competitors in terms of physicality and competitiveness.

Stucky is a "Challenge" champion, winning her "Free Agents" season and coming in second place on "Rivals." She consistently raises the bar for her fellow competitors, never shying away from keeping it real in her social game and being utterly fearless. "I am just a normal girl from Michigan who happened to find herself somehow on these competition shows," Stucky told Allan Aguirre. As for her future on the show, we're not exactly sure if we will see her put the rookies in their place on upcoming seasons. "I think everyone forgets that I have a life outside of The Challenge," Stucky tweeted, "but boy do I love the opportunity to come in and exercise my competitive drive (along with a little ferociousness) every once and a while."

She holds a grudge against her castmate Zach Nichols

Laurel Stucky had a few words to say about her former "Challenge" castmate Zach Nichols after she beat him in the final of "Free Agents." In the clip, posted by MTV's The Challenge YouTube page, Nichols is seen gassing out as Stucky attempts, in vain, to help him through it. In an interview for a "Challenge" blog, she spoke about her desire to be respected on the show as a fierce competitor. "I beat Zach in that final, which is funny because he is a man that likes to purport that men are superior to women."

Fans of the show may remember the ups and downs of Nichols' relationship with his wife and then-girlfriend Jenna Compono, who competed without him on "Total Madness." Nichols discovered Instagram DMs from Compono during the season from before they were a couple and went into a spiral. Stucky spoke about Nichols on the "Le Batard & Friends" podcast, noting how the "Challenge" vet has a facet to his personality that she dubs "temper tantrum Zach." "[Jenna] loves him, and that doesn't mean that I would make the same choices for myself," Stucky said. "I support Jenna ... I think that he could grow up a little bit."