It's No Surprise Who Fans Say Is Their Favorite Stranger Things Star

"Stranger Things" fans are a passionate bunch who care deeply about their favorite characters, and many of them aren't content simply re-watching the Netflix series over and over again. Instead, they flood social media with "Stranger Things" memes, dress up like El and the gang, and dissect scenes like a Soviet gulag scientist with a demogorgon specimen.

Fans have created a petition to resurrect one of their favorite deceased characters, and they've successfully resurrected the 1985 Kate Bush song "Running Up That Hill" as a hit. After it was featured in the show, it became the top-streaming song in the world, per CBS News. The show's most loyal viewers are so vocal that the cast can't help but notice them. "This fanbase is very funny, and I've noticed that since day one," Season 4 newcomer Jamie Campbell Bower told ET Canada. "I've got memes of Vecna arriving at the Met Gala, which I thought was just brilliant." And when actor Joseph Quinn got to hear a fan express their love of his character, Eddie Munson, firsthand at London Comic Con, he wiped away tears.

By closely following the lives of the "Stranger Things" cast, many hardcore fans have found a star that they connect to and care about most, but in a Nicki Swift survey of viewers, one actor took the biggest slice of the Surfer Boy pizza.

Millie Bobby Brown is still the standout star to many fans

Nicki Swift polled 582 "Stranger Things" fans on their favorite member of the cast, and 41.07% of respondents (or 239 people) named Eleven actor Millie Bobby Brown as their top choice. Like El extending her hand out to use her superpowers, Brown totally blew the competition away. Second-place finisher Finn Wolfhard, who plays El's boyfriend Mike Wheeler, secured just 14.43% (84) of the vote, and Dustin Hendersen actor Gaten Matarazzo trailed him at 13.23% (77). Playing El's BFF Max Mayfield only helped Sadie Sink score 12.03% (70) of the vote, with Lucas Sinclair actor Caleb McLaughlin and Will Byers actor Noah Schnapp bringing up the rear at 10.65% (62) and 8.59% (50), respectively.

While "Stranger Things" fans love Brown, her relationship with them has had its ups and downs. In an interview with MTV News, she addressed the difficulty some fans have accepting that she's not a young child anymore. "It's like I have 50 million people like my parents," she complained. 

Brown told Allure that she doesn't interact with fans on social media because of the influx of cruel and downright creepy comments she receives, but in an interview with Refinery29, she praised her fans for respecting her privacy when she's in public and said that she enjoys interacting with them at events. "As long as we're in a safe environment and I feel comfortable, then I always want to do that," she stated.