The Online Feud Between Maren Morris And Jason Aldean's Wife Brittany Is Getting Messy

Trigger warning: The following article contains language and allegations of transphobia.

In case you missed it — earlier this week Brittany Aldean, the wife of country singer Jason Aldean, took to Instagram to share a quick makeup reveal video. While social media fans are used to Brittany's stunning looks, her caption had some followers doing a double take. "I'd really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase. I love this girly life," she wrote alongside her post. While some fans praised the remarks — which many deemed transphobic — others chastised Brittany for spreading vitriol. 

After country singer Cassadee Pope caught wind of Brittany's comments, she didn't hesitate to shame the former Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader on Twitter. "You'd think celebs with beauty brands would see the positives in including LGBTQ+ people in their messaging," Pope wrote. "But instead here we are, hearing someone compare their 'tomboy phase' to someone wanting to transition. Real nice." It didn't take long for singer-songwriter Maren Morris to chime in, and she didn't mince words when responding to Brittany's transphobic comments.

Maren Morris wasn't here for Brittany's comments

Maren Morris' response to Brittany Aldean's comments can be summed up in two words: direct and scathing. Responding directly to Cassadee Pope's tweet, the country crooner referred to Aldean as a "scumbag" and suggested that she ought to sell her clip-ins and keep her mouth shut. What's more — the Grammy-award winner had followers doing a double take when she dubbed Aldean "Insurrection Barbie."

Of course, it didn't end there. Morris' comments sparked a messy back and forth between the singer and Aldean's friend, political commentator Candace Owens. "It's easier to not castrate your children. But I guess whatever helps sell bad records," Owens wrote. Morris, unscathed by the slight, shot right back: "Oh my god, not you. My Grammy is positively sobbing right now. Also, why do y'all always go to 'castration' and 'pedophiles' to try and shut an argument down?"

Eventually, Aldean jumped right back into the thick of it. According to People, the beauty blogger posted an ugly response to Pope's tweet on her Instagram Story, writing, "Advocating for the genital mutilation of children under the disguise of love and calling it 'gender affirming care' is one of the worst evils." She added, "Parents want to be accepted by society so badly, that they're wiling [sic] to make life-altering decisions for their children who aren't old enough to fully comprehend the consequences of those actions."

What did their husbands have to say about the drama?

There's no doubt the social media dust-up between Brittany Aldean and Maren Morris has us gawking, and it didn't take long for their husbands to chime in on the matter, too. "Getting a lot of people telling me our career is over, as if the last time she spoke up about something it disappeared. Honestly, we're pretty ok over here. Tours are good, got a 2 year old we love, we're f***ing fine, and I promise she isn't going to shut up now," Ryan Hurd — who married Maren Morris in 2018 — stated on Twitter.

Hurd, who's also a country singer, said that he's proud of his wife and that he shares her beliefs. He ended his message by reaffirming his support for his wife and throwing some subtle shade at the Aldeans: "Scoring quick points by picking on trans kids isn't something that is brave at all. And I'm proud of Maren for sticking up for them."

Per Us Weekly, Jason Aldean remained relatively tight-lipped, only responding when Morris' called his wife "Insurrection Barbie," to which he quipped, "MY Barbie."

Other stars offered Maren Morris their support

In addition to their husbands, a few other famous faces weighed in on the drama, including singer Brandi Carlile and author and activist Jonathan Van Ness. "Bravo @MarenMorris ... it's when you selflessly bear another's burden that you actually reflect gods love. Way to not tolerate disgusting behavior," the "Joke" singer wrote via Twitter. "It's tough...but good to see this hidden divide exposed in country music- let your little light shine," Carlile continued, leaving little doubt as to which side she had picked.

Van Ness also praised Morris for supporting the transgender community, writing, "Love to see ally's [heart] & to be clear intersex kids which make up at least 2% of all kids face genital mutilation to enforce cisgender norms everyday." He later called out Brittany Aldean and those who supported her for embellishing the truth in a follow-up tweet. "While we are at it. Trans young people under 18 almost never get surgical gender affirming surgeries. If they do & is a huge if – it happens it is with parental consent & loads of doctors. Hormone blockers & hormone blockers are reversible. lets stop the transphobic nonsense."