The Head-Turning Reason Sydney Sweeney Is Facing Political Backlash From Fans

Sydney Sweeney is known for her starring role as Cassie Howard in "Euphoria," but now the actor is drawing attention for an instance that occurred in real-life. On August 27, the Washington native revealed that she threw her mother a surprise 60th birthday party. "No better way to celebrate my momma than a surprise hoedown," Sweeney wrote on Instagram, alongside images from the affair. The party contained everything from mechanical bull rides to line dancing and even a live band.

However, the celebration was criticized by fans, who noticed that one guest was wearing a "Blue Lives Matter" t-shirt. Others also noted that Sweeney's brother, Trent Sweeney, shared images which showed partygoers wearing red hats that read "Make Sixty Great Again" — an apparent play on Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again ” slogan.

"Kinda funny how Sydney Sweeney carefully curated her IG post so that none of the MAGA-inspired hats were seen and then her dimwitted brother's post blew it all up," one fan tweeted. Now, Sweeney has responded to the controversy amid ongoing backlash online.

Sydney Sweeney said the party was innocent

Sydney Sweeney is facing the recent firestorm surrounding her mother's 60th birthday party head-on. The "In The Vault" star took to Twitter to explain that despite the apparent political influence, the party was "innocent." "You guys this is wild. An innocent celebration for my moms milestone 60th birthday has turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention," Sweeney wrote. "Please stop making assumptions. Much love to everyone." The actor's brother also attempted to clear up the confusion online. In an update to his original post on Instagram, he added, "(The hats say "Make Sixty Great Again" btw)."

Despite the barrage of backlash, there were some fans online who came to Sweeney's defense. "I can't believe they're trying to ruin her special day, happy birthday to your mom," a fan wrote in response to the entertainer's explanation, while another added, "They're just thriving off negativity queen... the real ones support you!"

This isn't the first time Sweeney has had to respond to hate from internet sleuths. In May, she posted a heartbreaking video after she realized she was being trolled and called "ugly" on Twitter, per Pop Crave. In the video, a tearful Sweeney reminded fans that she is only human and emphasized that "words actually affect people."