The Truth About Rob Gronkowski And Camille Kostek's Relationship

Rob Gronkowski and Camille Kostek — next to his now former teammate Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, of course — are pretty much the hottest football couple in the country. The legendary football player and the multi-hyphenate model, actor, and TV host give us all the #CoupleGoal envy, showing off their hot couple vibes at every turn (and, hey, who could blame them?)

These two first met back in 2013 and have been each other's cheerleaders pretty much ever since then, supporting one another at every turn. "The support, it's just effortless like it should be. Whatever he does, whatever he wants to pursue, anything that excites him, I'm like, 'Go for it. I got your back.' And he's the same way with anything," Kostek gushed of their long-term romance to E! News in 2020. Kostek even exclusively dished on their thoughtful romance to us here at Nicki Swift back in October 2021, revealing, "We keep each other super motivated and we respect each other's wishes." These two are also all about doing good too, meeting at a charity event, before donating 20,000 medical masks to hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, per Daily Mail. Gorgeous and generous? We're not sure who's luckier, Gronk or Kostek!

But what's the truth about football's stunning golden couple? From those pesky split rumors to how the sizzling stars keep things hot 'n' heavy, here's what you need to know.

Camille Kostek is ready for a wedding

Get ready to call her Mrs. Gronkowski, because Camille Kostek is down to head down the aisle. The model has been pretty open about the fact that she'd say a big fat yes if the football star got down on one knee. In April 2022 when asked how she'd react to a proposal by Us Weekly, she shared, "I'd be excited. He's my best friend. I would spend the rest of my life with him." But, equally, don't think the star is sitting at home staring at her bare ring finger. The star admitted she isn't too worried about the timing after dating for so many years, telling the outlet, "When the time is right, it'll be."

But that's far from the only time a wedding has been brought up to Kostek while talking about Gronk. In February 2021, she revealed she had a few ideas when it came to engagement rings, as she shared her hopes that the athlete would ask for a little help from her family members before going ring shopping. "I do have one [in mind], I'm like a very simple, simple girl," she shared on "This is Happening with Mark Zito and Ryan Samps," but wasn't willing to go into too much detail. "I'll wait until my ring is out. And then it can be like, 'This is what I always wanted.'" Smart move.

Well, Gronk, it sounds like the ball's in your court! Or touchdown zone, if you will.

The sweetest top secret meet cute

Rob Gronkowski and Camille Kostek have one of the sweetest meet cutes, but it actually took them a while after that to finally confirm their coupledom. The two first met while feeding those in need at a charity event in November 2013, with Kostek admitting on "This is Happening with Mark Zito and Ryan Samps" that she loves that their first meeting wasn't on an app and they have a cute story. 

As for how Gronk slipped the beauty his number? "He ripped off his 'Hi, my name is Rob Gronkowski' sticker on his shirt ... So he had written on the back of it his phone number and then he wrote 'Shhh,' because he knew it was a secret," Kostek recalled. She was a rookie cheerleader for Gronk's team at the time, the New England Patriots, and was worried she might get into trouble if she started dating him. The "Free Guy" star only took the number after being pressured by one of Gronk's teammates, and she then took her sweet time to actually call him, eventually opting for a FaceTime call a few days after getting his digits. The news of a full-on romance didn't break until April 2015, though, when TMZ confirmed the pairing.

Gronkowski spoke about the sweet meeting to People in October 2021, sharing that it happened around Thanksgiving, so they celebrate it year after year while surrounded by their families. Adorable!

How Camille Kostek and Rob Gronkowski keep things exciting

Time apart may be a dealbreaker for some couples, but Camille Kostek and Rob Gronkowski aren't one of them. In fact, the former has admitted that their busy schedules and jetting all over the place for work actually makes their connection stronger — and spicier! Of course, the two are apart a fair amount of the time thanks to their careers, with Kostek telling Nicki Swift in October 2021 how grateful they were for FaceTime

Proving absence really does make the heart grow fonder, Kostek shared on "Betches U Up?" in May 2021, "We're able to keep it hot and heavy just because we're separated ... When you want your alone time, take it. Have it. It's super attractive." She added, "That 'do me' mentality is so attractive for both sides and it just makes that time together a little bit better," admitting that she really values her alone time to really feel like herself.

But don't think that means Kostek is looking for alone time all of the time. She admitted after Gronkowski announced his retirement for a second time in June 2022 that she was really looking forward to spending some quality time with her boyfriend, including a potential lavish vacation to visit her family in the Virgin Islands. "I think we will be able to maybe explore. I mean, enjoying time together and getting to know each other even more," she told Extra of their big, romantic plans.

Camille Kostek and Rob Gronkowski are each other's biggest supporters

Find yourself someone who looks at you like Rob Gronkowski and Camille Kostek look at one another. It'll probably be a surprise to few who follow the duo on social media that they're each other's biggest supporters, as they regularly trade the most gushing posts. One of Kostek's sweetest came after Gronk and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates won the Super Bowl in 2021, when she shared a snap of herself on Instagram planting a big kiss on her man's lips while rocking a Bucs jersey. "Tastes like a champion ILY," she captioned it. If you want to see more of her gushing social media tributes, you can find one here or here. Or even here, where she quipped about his tight end. Naughty!

As for Gronk, he's made his support for Kostek very apparent on his own Instagram. The football player showered praise on his love in March 2021 as he Instagram-ed from her "Sports Illustrated" shoot, writing, "Wowsers you're the best." Shortly after that, he shared a snap of them both on the field post-Super Bowl in which he called his love one of the hardest workers he knows.

But it's not just on social media where these two have each other's backs. Kostek has also shared how Gronkowski helps her behind the scenes, including telling People the advice he gave her on dealing with negative attention.

A very Gronk Halloween

Have you ever dressed up as your significant other for Halloween? Well, Camille Kostek certainly has! The 5 foot, 8 inch model and actor morphed into her 6 foot, 6 inches boyfriend for the holiday in 2021, even borrowing a jersey it's thought he wore during a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game where he suffered cracked ribs and a punctured a lung, per New York Post. Ouchie! 

The "Free Guy" star shared all the proof on Instagram with a series of selfies in the black and red ensemble shirt while rocking her man's multiple Super Bowl rings and eye black. "When football Sunday lands on Halloween, you dress up as the 4x SB Champ Robbie G the one and only," she captioned the photo. She tagged her boyfriend and joked about how much the jersey — which she fashioned into a crop top — didn't exactly have the greatest scent after he wore it, before quipping, "also my fingers are sore from holding all of these rings." 

We're guessing Kostek felt right at home in the jersey though, as it's certainly not the first time she's slipped into one. In January 2021, the star rocked nothing but her man's football shirt (emblazoned with his number, of course!) as she shared a provocative black-and-white shot on Instagram to celebrate Tampa's team heading to the Super Bowl.

Raking it in

Camille Kostek and Rob Gronkowski are a little more than just a million-dollar couple. They're a $48 million couple. These two are making some pretty serious bank between them, with Gronkowski alone estimated to be worth a whopping $45 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Of course, much of that sum comes from his uber-successful career in the football world — where he's reported to have had a salary of $9 million a year — while he's also made a foray into the NFT world, selling digital trading cards for an eye watering $1 million, per People. Talk about a touchdown! Kostek has plenty of cash in her own right, too. The "Wipeout" host is estimated to be worth around $3.4 million, per

As for what all that moolah gets spent on? Well, understandably, this uber-rich couple has flashed the cash on some luxurious purchases in their time. And who could blame them? One of their biggest purchases has to be their New York City apartment, which New York Post reported set them back $7 million.

They're also quite the jetsetters. In June 2022, Kostek dished on all their globetrotting to Extra, revealing that she wanted to do even more traveling in the wake of Gronk's retirement. The stamps in their passport just in the few weeks that preceded the interview? Trips to France and Hawaii, while Kostek confirmed later that month they were back in the equally sunny climes of Florida. Jealous? Us? Absolutely.

On or off?

We know Camille Kostek and Rob Gronkowski first met and started dating in November 2013, but have they been together every day since then? It seems their relationship may have been on/off over the years, as reports surfaced in 2016 they may have had a break when Kostek was rumored to have been seeing former "American Idol" contestant Nick Fradiani. While it's not exactly clear what, if anything, happened between them, Page Six purported in January 2016 that Fradiani and Kostek had supposedly been on and off since May 2015 (a month after TMZ confirmed she was dating Gronkowski). She even supposedly spent one of the most romantic nights of the year, New Year's Eve, with the musician.

Neither Gronk nor Kostek appeared to speak publicly about their relationship status at the time, though they definitely seemed back on in July 2016 when they attended the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards together. The New York Post reported they split again shortly after, but, in May 2017, they attended a wedding on his birthday and posted some stunning snaps to Instagram Stories, which included Kostek sweetly referring to him as "Bubs" (via TMZ). 

The model was asked about what was really going on by New York Post later that month, to which she said, "Everyone has their own two cents, and I just kind of let that stuff roll and let the people talk. At the end of the day, the people that matter know what's the truth."

Rob Gronkowski and Camille Kostek are proud puppy paw-rents

Camille Kostek and Rob Gronkowski may not have any children (yet!), but that doesn't mean they're not proud parents. The two share a dog together, an adorable French bulldog named Ralphie, who even has his own Instagram account. Gronk told People that he'd vowed to treat himself to a French Bulldog if he won the 2021 Super Bowl, and, as you already know, he and Tom Brady took the team all the way to the endgame, which meant it was finally puppy time. We wonder if Gronk ditched the infamous "We're going to Disney World" shout and screamed from the field, "I'm getting a puppy?"

Ralphie is a total daddy's boy too, as Kostek revealed to Mark Zito on SiriusXM's "Faction Talk" in July 2021, "Whenever Ralphie is hungry or wants Rob's attention or Rob's not picking him up he's just crying." Adorable! She also revealed that the pup had learned how to jump on their bed all by himself, even in some intimate moments they'd rather he didn't. Whoopsie!

In addition to having his own social media, Ralphie has also made some special guest appearances on his parents' accounts. Gronk shared a hilarious snap to Instagram after he scooped som poop during a walk with Ralphie and his girlfriend in November 2021, while Kostek shared a family photo of herself planting a kiss on the doggy's cheek as Gronk held him alongside the caption, "my boys," in July 2022. Cute!

A close family bond

It seems like Camille Kostek and Rob Gronkowski both have a great relationship with each other's families, which makes us love their close bond even more. The two have proven how well they've blended in with each other's loved ones over the years, with Gronk's sister, Regan Reeves, even calling the model and the footballer "some of my favorite people" on Instagram alongside a sweet selfie as they joined together to watch Gronkowski play in the Super Bowl in Florida in 2021. Kostek also shared a sweet video on her own Instagram of her watching her man play football with his family in November 2021 as they all danced around in their private box while rocking matching Gronkowski jerseys. "When I'm not dancing with Big Gronk I'm dancing with the little Gronks while he's at work," she wrote.

The couple have also revealed that they spend time with each other's families for big holidays like Thanksgiving, even though it coincides with their anniversary. "We celebrate the anniversary annually every year throughout the whole Thanksgiving week, seeing our families and feasting on some delicious food," Gronk told People. One thing's for sure: we can't get enough of this loved-up couple!