The Summer House Star You Didn't Realize Was In A Taylor Swift Video

Since its debut in 2017, "Summer House" has been a revolving door of reality stars. The Bravo show has featured a rotating cast, as well as cameos from stars from other hit shows, including "Vanderpump Rules" and "Southern Charm." Every season of "Summer House" seems to bring at least one new cast member, and in the summer of 2021, several new faces popped up as Mya Allen, Alex Wach, and Andrea Denver turned up at the Hamptons party house, per Bravo.

Diehard Bravo fans recognized Denver right away. The male model, who changed his last name from Salerno to Denver as a stage name, per IMDb, wasn't a total newcomer to the network when he starred in the summer-themed series and became involved in a love triangle storyline with Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover. Denver actually made his Bravo debut on the spinoff "Winter House" earlier that year. But while he was an instant fan favorite on "Summer House," eagle-eyed viewers may have recognized him from another very high-profile gig.

Andrea Denver appeared in one of Taylor Swift's biggest music videos

While he became a Bravo star on "Summer House," Andrea Denver is best known for his work as a model. The Italian hunk has modeled for Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, and more, and has been featured in multiple magazines, per his bio on his official website. But when he was in his early 20s, he was also featured in one of the biggest music videos of the time.

In 2014, Denver was featured in Taylor Swift's mega-hit music video for the song "Blank Space." The future reality star was credited as "Second Boyfriend" in the video, per IMDb. Denver can be seen at the end of the video driving a red convertible and getting a wink from Swift from across the way. The massively popular video has received more than 2 billion views on YouTube as of this writing.

In 2020, Denver took to Twitter to reveal that, while he didn't appear on-camera with Swift, he did meet her. "I assisted a few scenes that day we shot in September 2014," he told fans. "She was beautiful."

Andrea Denver was always a Swiftie

Andrea Denver didn't have to fake his fandom for Taylor Swift. In fact, he is a real-life Swiftie, (aka the nickname for the 11-time Grammy winner's super fans). In a July interview with the "Behind the Velvet Rope" podcast, he told host David Yontef that working on Swift's video was a dream come true. "That was the dream of the dreams, because I grew up like, as a Swiftie, like as a Taylor fan," he said. "So working with her, it was like, okay, this is the best thing that could ever happen to me."

Denver said he was on the set for a couple of hours to shoot his scenes and that when he interacted with Swift, she always had security surrounding her. "She had the security on her the entire time, even if we were like in a private place, she had this two security guys entire time," he said. "It wasn't the best environment to make conversation ....They gave her no space. So yeah, I couldn't really make any small talk." While he didn't get to chat Swift up in depth, Denver said he cherished the experience and noted that it is "crazy" to think how many views the video has received since its release.

Denver's music video résumé didn't end with Swift, though. The "Summer House" alum was also featured in the Jennifer Lopez clip for "I Luh Ya Papi" in 2014, and he was in the background of Madonna's "B***h I'm Madonna" video the following year, per Bravo.