Adam Sandler Has Fans Concerned For His Health

Adam Sandler has been open about his efforts to maintain a healthier lifestyle in recent years. When speaking with the Hollywood Reporter (via People), the "Happy Gilmore" star shared that fellow actor and longtime friend Jennifer Aniston has been supporting his wife's efforts to improve Sandler's habits. "She's certainly not afraid to have me show up on a set, and in my trailer is a whole bunch of whatever shake I should be drinking and it's usually green."

He went on to joke that he's hoping to be able to touch his toes, which he's currently "about 9 inches away from." Unfortunately, even A-listers aren't immune to injuries. While promoting his new basketball film "Hustle" on Good Morning America, Sandler shared a hilarious story of how he gave himself a black eye while trying to get tucked into bed.

While the comedian has always been able to laugh it off, his latest appearance has some fans legitimately concerned for his health.

Adam Sandler was seen walking with a cane

The Daily Mail spotted Adam Sandler in Los Angeles recently, and their video has some alarmed. The actor seems to heavily use the walking device for support, while his wife Jackie carries the majority of their breakfast items.

The actor has not shared anything about a recent injury or surgery, leaving many wondering what brought about the cane. Apart from the unexpected accessory, Sandler was clad in his typical fashion—long basketball shorts and a t-shirt that simply reads, "Y'all."

Sandler's style has recently become the star of a TikTok trend, in which users share their casual at-home outfits or PJs. The videos are set to a humorous audio from the Disney Channel show "Jessie," in which the protagonist runs into a guest-starring Sandler and asks, "Adam Sandler? What are you doing here?" Hopefully, Sandler recovers quickly and the cane doesn't have to become a part of his signature look!