Here's What Bethenny Frankel Really Looks Like Without Makeup

Bethenny Frankel crafted a life for herself after she left "The Real Housewives of New York." Surprisingly, Celebrity Net Worth reported that she only earned $40,000 per episode when she quit the reality show in 2019. The businesswoman showed off her money smarts when she used her "RHONY" platform and fame to promote Skinnygirl Margarita, which she founded in 2009. She then took steps back in her involvement with Skinnygirl in 2011 by selling the business for an estimated $100 million. At the time, Frankel was newly divorced and the single mother of a young daughter, Bryn Hoppy. Frankel realized that she needed to make some difficult decisions. "I need some support and help. It's all been too much," she explained on the Bravo series, per People. "It's every day, all day. I'm with Bryn for every activity, and then it's boom — on a plane to North Carolina. Then boom, on a plane to Florida for relief ... I'm not going on like this."

The reality TV star has also made some hard choices about her social media image. In September 2022, Frankel took to Instagram to talk about filters and the unrealistic expectations that are sometimes created. She wrote, "It makes women feel badly about themselves. It makes young girls insecure and obsessed with an unattainable perfection. It makes middle-aged women and mothers feel insecure about themselves." Frankel is aware of how these filtered images can also impact young girls like her daughter. It's little wonder that the former "RHONY" star has also revealed her natural skin on Instagram.                                   

Bethenny Frankel took a selfie wearing no makeup

"The Real Housewives of New York" alum Bethenny Frankel flaunted a photo of herself without makeup and showed off her natural features. She took to Instagram in December 2021 and posted a pic in which she was wearing a grey beanie, a warm jacket, and a dark grey sweater. However, it was Frankel's glowing skin that sparked a reaction in the comments. One fan commented, "It refreshing to see a woman confidently, beautifully, and naturally embracing herself — more of this is needed!"

The entrepreneur wore a serene, smiling expression and cropped the selfie so that only her head and upper torso were showing. In Frankel's caption, she explained why she was posting the snap. "I'll post these for you periodically to remind you that no makeup and natural is as real as we can be. I haven't seen any surgery or products that can compete with a good night's sleep. There may come a day that I'll ask you if it's time to get some work done, but for today I'm happy just the way I am."

Frankel seems to be committed to her idea of keeping things real with her beauty regimen and outlook. She has also made it clear where her priorities lie when it comes to daily life. 

Bethenny Frankel has a refreshing health and beauty philosophy

Bethenny Frankel updated her fans on her life at the beginning of 2022. "Being a mother has infinitely changed my perspective. I don't believe in new year's resolutions, but I do believe in daily and weekly resolutions: to be a better person, parent, philanthropist, and partner," she wrote on Instagram. "I strive for peace and balance in all areas of my life," she added, along with the hashtag "#noglamnofilter."

Frankel has been promoting her balanced lifestyle for a while now. In 2019, she took to Instagram to share her thoughts on fitness and balance. "I choose time with my daughter and sleep first," she wrote. "If I'm near a beach, I take an hour walk ... I don't believe in fear-based, torturous, aggressive exercise. Life is too short and stressful to dread doing something for an hour." For her diet, Frankel said she doesn't restrict herself but also doesn't binge. Frankel explained that she felt she had a good relationship with food and, therefore, was happy with her dietary choices. 

Frankel's outlook is refreshing and making an impact long after she left "RHONY." With her decisions to post unfiltered images, go without makeup every once in a while, and choose balance in her daily life, Frankel is keeping things real. What "Real Housewives" show could ever compete with that kind of authenticity?