Allyson Nichols

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Massillon, OH
Kent State University
Movies, TV, Food, Pets
  • Allyson has been a freelance writer for over a year.
  • She has written for multiple platforms, covering a variety of subjects.
  • She enjoys all things food and often watches cooking channels and competitions.


A freelance writer for multiple outlets, including Mashed, The Whiskey Wash, and Kiss And Tell Magazine, Allyson is passionate about all things food and entertainment. She graduated on the Dean's List in Spring 2020 from Kent State University where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Journalism and minored in creative writing. She has formerly written for CBR News, as well as The OTC Exchange, The Kent Stater, and Akron Life Magazine. With a specialization in magazine journalism, her hope is to continue to write pieces that inform and entertain.


Allyson graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Kent State University where she minored in creative writing.
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