Antonia Georgiou

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Queen Mary University Of London
Movies, TV, Politics
  • Antonia has written for numerous reputable publications, such as The F Word, TheThings, and New Socialist.
  • One of her many passions is grammar, and she loves nothing more than to instinctively correct poor grammar when she sees it!
  • A film aficionado, Antonia enjoys discussing the works of everyone from Mike Leigh to Spike Lee.


Antonia is a writer based in London, England. Obsessed with movies and TV shows, she loves to rattle off random trivia related to her favorite media. Writing since a young age, she first pursued it as a career at the age of 18, after a film director used one of her poems in an independent movie. Intrigued by the entertainment industry, Antonia wanted to lend her unique voice to celebrity features, infusing them with her distinct perspectives and pithy witticisms. Having written everything from politically charged polemics for New Socialist to 200 listicles for TheThings, she has a vast range of writing experience and knowledge, from politics to pop culture.


Antonia has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Queen Mary University of London and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from UCL.
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