Eric Langberg

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Los Angeles, CA
University Of Pittsburgh
Film, Television, Pop Culture
  • Eric has written about TV, film, and pop culture for Bright Wall/Dark Room, The Queer Review, Queerist, Gayly Dreadful, Certified Forgotten, The Spool, and more.
  • Eric has been writing online about film and television since high school; he recently got his hands on a copy of his high school newspaper and saw his old "TV Talk" column still going strong.
  • He launched the Medium publication, Everything's Interesting, in 2015.


Eric is a pop culture junkie with an intimidating backlog of podcasts he still needs to listen to. He loves taking entertainment artifacts that people tend to dismiss seriously, whether they be so-called "trashy" reality shows, critically-derided horror films, or the musical stylings of Carly Rae Jepsen. In addition to writing for a number of online outfits, then, Eric also runs his own Medium publication called Everything's Interesting. One October, he watched and reviewed 31 horror films in 31 days, but the 25 made-for-TV Christmas movies he watched and reviewed in 25 days that December were way scarier.


Eric attended the University of Pittsburgh and majored in English Writing. He then he worked for Pitt for a while and, with his tuition discount, picked up a second degree in Film Studies.
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