Eric Langberg

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Los Angeles, CA
University Of Pittsburgh
Vanderpump Rules, Netflix Dating Shows, Old Hollywood
  • Eric lived in London in the months leading up to Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton, and he loved following the UK tabloid coverage of every royal rule and record-breaking moment.
  • One October, Eric watched and reviewed 31 horror films in 31 days, but the 25 made-for-TV Christmas movies he watched and reviewed in 25 days that December were, in many ways, more intense.
  • He's a Rotten Tomatoes-approved film critic.


Eric joined Static Media in 2021, writing for Nicki Swift, /Film, and The List. He's been grateful to indulge in writing about various pop culture obsessions, from Florence Pugh, "Vanderpump Rules," and Channing Tatum to Lady Gaga and the filmography of Paul Newman. In addition to writing online about film and television since high school, Eric has also been on the other side of the industry with experience in publicity and casting. After launching his Medium publication "Everything's Interesting" in 2015, he moved from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles in 2019 to write about entertainment full-time. Eric has since contributed essays and reviews to such outlets as Bright Wall/Dark Room, The Spool, The Queer Review, Gayly Dreadful, Certified Forgotten, and more.


Eric has bachelor's degrees in fiction writing and film studies from the University of Pittsburgh.
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