Kareena Koirala

Photo of Kareena Koirala
Kathmandu, Nepal
Presidential Business School
Asian Cuisine, Sattvic Diet, Coffee
  • Growing up, Kareena spent her time watching TLC shows and sometimes thinks about all the flour and sugar she wasted trying to bake cakes.
  • She is fascinated by culinary herbs and spices and loves to explore their medicinal properties
  • Kareena has recreated most of the Krabby Patty recipes available on the internet.


Kareena wrote her first thriller at eight years old for her school magazine. Since 2016, she has been writing for numerous print and digital publications. During her time as an editor for a business lifestyle magazine in Nepal, she ate her way through the capital, trying out new flavors and cuisines along the way. Joining the Mashed team was an opportunity for her to rediscover the thrill of it all. You might find her ticking off her bucket list while waiting in line at Franklin BBQ someday.


Kareena studied business at the Presidential Business School in Nepal, which is affiliated with Westcliff University in California.
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