Korey Denton

Photo of Korey Denton
Syracuse University
Fast Food, Grocery Stores, Recipes
  • Korey has enjoyed cooking since she learned to make scrambled eggs as a kid.
  • Despite her love of cooking, you can regularly find Korey at fast-food restaurants trying the latest menu item or enjoying some of her favorite deep-fried goodies.
  • Korey loves the art of sourdough and has even named her starter, Eve. You can count on her to bake a fresh loaf every weekend!


Korey has been writing professionally since she was in college, and has been specifically writing about food for over two years now. She has been honored with being published on many websites, including Glamour, The Washington Post, and Elite Daily. She is a self-described foodie and enjoys immersing herself in the world of food.


Korey received her Bachelor's degree from Syracuse University. She majored in English and minored in Anthropology, was a Dean's List scholar, and completed a study abroad program in Istanbul, Turkey, further creating her love for foods of all kinds.
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