Why Hollywood won't cast Tara Reid anymore

Tara Reid was Hollywood's it girl in the late '90's after American Pie was released. Every girl wanted to be her and every guy wanted to date her, but her career has since veered pretty far off course. What happened that made this blonde bombshell go from appearing in hit movies to only being hired for spoofs?

She started her career in teen movies

After a few small roles in films like Cruel Intentions and Urban Legend, Reid was cast in her breakout role as "Vicky" in American Pie. The adorable blonde played the girl next door type pretty well, acting as a high school senior who's contemplating losing her virginity to her boyfriend. While it's kind of cliche, the film actually broke a ton of boundaries and became notorious for several wildly hilarious (yet inappropriate) scenes.

While she appeared in a few teen roles after that, she was never able to recreate the success brought on by American Pie. Luckily she hung on to her role as Vicky in the franchise, because she wasn't able to break out of her image as the hot, blonde teen. She rose to fame pretty quickly, but regardless of how well known she became, her movies just weren't making enough money.

Movies she appeared in after American Pie all flopped

Reid's first film to be released after American Pie was a major flop called Body Shots, which got just an 11 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. About a group of young adults who go bar hopping and get into a whole bunch of shenanigans, the film actually has a surprisingly well-known cast including Ron Livingston, Amanda Peet, and Jerry O'Connell.

The movie turns dark when Reid's and O'Connell's characters have drunk sex, and neither of them can agree on whether or not it was consensual. Reid's character claims rape while O'Connell's character claims she gave consent, and the film turns into something that could have been truly great had it touched on the issues properly. Robert Ebert pointed out that the movie, "thinks it is about date rape, when actually it is about alcoholism." He closed his review hilariously with, "My own theory of date rape is that if you think you had sex and you didn't want to but you're not sure why or how (or if) it happened, it's probably a good idea to call AA before you call the cops." Clearly the film missed it's mark by a mile.

After this failed film, Reid appeared in Dr. T & The Women alongside Richard Gere and Josie and the Pussycats with Rosario Dawson and Rachel Leigh Cook, both which received heavily mixed reviews. That same year she appeared in the remake of a well-known French film, Just Visiting. The comedy sounds a bit over the top with it's elaborate plot about time traveling wizards, but with Jean Reno, Christina Applegate, and Malcolm McDowell on set, it couldn't be too terrible. Audiences and critics disagreed, however, and Rotten Tomatoes gave the remake a 33 percent approval rating, saying it didn't live up to the original. Reid caught a break soon after as she appeared in minor hits American Pie 2, Van Wilder: Party Liaison, and My Boss's Daughter alongside Ashton Kutcher.

She was nominated as worst actress

While many actors can be nominated for a Razzie or two at some point during their careers and laugh it off, others are cursed by the label and it can haunt them for years. Reid was unfortunately stuck with the latter, and soon after her success from the first American Pie movie ran out, she was nominated for several Razzies. Her first nominations were for Worst Supporting Actress and Worst Screen Couple in 2004 for her role in My Boss' Daughter alongside Ashton Kutcher. She was later nominated in 2006 for Worst Actress in Alone in the Dark, which was her first attempt in the horror genre. The movie, which was based on a video game, completely bombed, receiving a shockingly low one percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

While she didn't win any Razzies, she did go on to win a Stinker Award for Worst Actress in the horror film in 2005. This is actually the only award she has won aside from a Young Hollywood Award for Best Ensemble Cast in American Pie she received in 2000. The award hardly gives her credit for her acting skills, but on the plus side she hasn't been nominated for any Razzies in a while.

She became known as a party girl

Reid has always been known as a hardcore partier, something that has kept her name in the tabloids over the years and almost revived her career. In 2005, Reid was set to host E!'s Wild On… travel show that had previously been hosted by Brooke Burke, and began taking her partying antics on the road. Traveling to England, Paris, Croatia, and some other major tourist hot-spots, Reid partied her way across the globe, even letting fellow partier Paris Hilton in on a few episodes.

After filming was finished, the name of the show was changed from Wild On Tara to Taradise, likely due to the fact that Reid's partying habits turned the show into something too far from the cultural travel vlog other hosts had made the show. The show didn't pan out as the network expected, and it was canceled after just one season. In an interview with US Weekly as reported by CBS News, Reid blames the show for ruining her career calling it, "… the stupidest thing I ever did…"

She released false facts about her personal life to the public

In what was thought to be a publicity stunt, reports were released by Reid's publicist that she'd married her then-boyfriend in Greece, a Danish businessman by the name of Michael Lillelund. According to Perez Hilton, however, Reid's publicist was mistaken. She had actually married a man named Zack Kehayov, whom Reid had a short engagement of just a few hours according to People. Turns out, they never actually made that marriage legal in the U.S. Caught in a clearly intoxicated state at LAX by TMZ's cameraman, Reid was asked how her and her new hubby would do if they played the newlywed game. Her answer? "We would lose … because we were never really married."

It's not the last time Reid has faked a relationship in attempt to give her career a boost. Most recently Reid appeared on WE's reality show Marriage Bootcamp with "boyfriend" Dean May. The faux couple play up their relationship for the cameras until they accidentally slipped during an argument where it was revealed the two weren't actually an item. People quoted Reid in an interview where she revealed more about why the two chose to do the show saying, "Part of the reason we did the show is because [May] owes money and taxes and he could use the money and he wouldn't mind the fame … so I wanted to do the show for him." The two were kicked out of the bootcamp house after it was realized they weren't actually dating.

She had bad plastic surgery

Plastic surgery rumors began to surround Reid after a nip slip on the red carpet revealed scars from what appeared to be a botched boob job. According to the New York Post, she was attending Diddy's 35th birthday party in New York City when it happened, her delayed response giving photographers ample time to capture the moment on film. Even though it occurred over a decade ago, Reid's wardrobe malfunction continues to pop up in the media as it was one of the worst celebrity nip slips of all time. After the incident, Reid admitted to having not just a breast augmentation but liposuction and full body contouring as well, a decision she would come to regret.

While her breast implants left her with unsightly scars, the body contouring left her looking far worse. "There's not a day that goes by that my stomach doesn't bother me," she admitted in an interview with People as her stomach was one of the main areas affected by her surgery. CBS News quoted her explaining her sudden career plunge as she said, "My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing. I had a hernia, this huge bump next to my bellybutton. As a result, I couldn't wear a bikini. I lost a lot of work." Reid has gone under the knife again to correct her botched work, but it seems her self-esteem took the biggest hit.

She went to rehab for alcoholism

In 2008, Reid tried to rid herself of her party girl image by checking herself into rehab at Promises in Malibu, a facility that has housed celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. There were rumors the actress was given a free stay at the rehab center as a paid promotional deal, but after some digging, Fox News discovered those rumors were not true. After emerging from the 60-day detox program a new woman, Reid agreed to an exclusive interview on her experience with In Touch, where she admitted that going to rehab was, "… the greatest decision I ever made."

Perez Hilton provided more details of the interview where Reid explained she was only there for alcohol abuse, and has never had any problems with drug use. When asked how she thought the problem started, she admitted to feeling obligated to drink, as she felt pressured to keep up her party girl image when she went out. Also in her interview she claimed, "I was actually shy in real life, and I felt like everyone was judging me and watching me. I think I drank because it gave me a kind of confidence." Her sobriety didn't last very long unfortunately, as she has been caught by the paparazzi on several occasions stumbling out of bars. Reid was even spotted drinking at an airport bar last fall, and apparently got so drunk she missed her flight to Los Angeles.

She started doing spoof movies

It has become increasingly harder for the bigwigs in Hollywood to take Reid seriously as an actress, as she now focuses much of her time working on filming spoofs. She is now best known for appearing in the epically horrendous horror comedy Sharnado, a television movie that captured far too much attention after it became the butt of many jokes. The franchise has since taken off, with the fifth installation currently in pre-production and each film being only slightly more awful than the last.

Aside from Sharknado, Reid was also cast in the spoof film The Hungover Games, which sounds like it could be perfect for her considering her partying past. Even though the film pokes fun at some big name movies like The Hangover, The Hunger Games, and Django Unchained, it failed to make much an impression on viewers and was released straight to DVD and Blu Ray where it has hardly made a quarter million dollars since its release.

How she can turn it around

Even though the spoof films that have helped Reid pay her bills over these past few years won't exactly bring on the Oscar nominations, it can potentially open up some career opportunities for her in the comedy genre. Since the release of Sharknado, Reed has starred in Tie the Knot, a dramatic cross cultural comedy shot in Bollywood style where she plays a tourist in India. With several films currently in pre-production, surprisingly only one of them seems to fit the actress's new-found success with spoofs — Due Justice is expected to be released later this year. Other films she will appear in seem to be family-friendly or dark thrillers, not exactly Reid's forte.

At this point, it's unlikely Reid will ever shake her party girl image completely, and instead of fighting to be seen as a serious actress, she'd be more likely to turn around her career by embracing the image she was given. She truly stands out when performing in comedies, so hopefully we'll see more of her humorous side in the future!