Rumors Continue To Swirl About Leonardo DiCaprio And Gigi Hadid

Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly back on the dating scene after ending his nearly 4-year relationship with model Camila Morrone. On August 30, a source revealed to People that despite spending the Fourth of July together, DiCaprio and Morrone had decided to go their separate ways. Following their split, internet sleuths took to social media to throw shade at DiCaprio for the breakup, which reportedly happened shortly after Morrone's 25th birthday. "Leo ages, but miraculously his girlfriends always remain 23," one person tweeted, while another suggested, "Leonardo Dicaprio is weird."

Days after his split from Morrone, rumors began to swirl about DiCaprio's next romantic conquest. On September 7, an insider revealed to Us Weekly that the "Shutter Island" actor was eyeing model Gigi Hadid. "Leo does have his sights set on Gigi, but she hasn't shown an interest," the source said. Now, it appears as if things are heating up between DiCaprio and Hadid after all.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid are reportedly getting closer

It's been less than a month since Leonardo DiCaprio's relationship with Camile Morrone ended, but the actor may have already found his next muse. Despite earlier reports that Gigi Hadid was not interested in DiCaprio's advances, it appears the model is now changing her tune. A source recently revealed to People that the pair have been spending a considerable amount of time communicating. One insider claimed, "They are getting to know each other," but emphasized that DiCaprio and Hadid aren't officially dating. Another source suggested, "Leo is definitely pursuing Gigi." A third, however, provided a much clearer picture of the pair's developing relationship. According to that insider, the pair has been "hanging out with groups of people," for several weeks, as DiCaprio has been trying to spend more time with friends and family.

Meanwhile, DiCaprio's ex-girlfriend, Morrone, has also moved on with her life. According to TMZ, the California native wasted no time leaving the home she previously shared with DiCaprio, as she was spotted moving into a Malibu area apartment just days after their breakup.