George Clooney Completely Gushes About His Twins In Rare Comments

Despite being one of the most recognizable stars in Hollywood, George Clooney has maintained a relatively quiet career. The actor married human rights attorney Amal Alamuddin after less than one year of dating. According to E! News, the couple's Italian wedding was attended by nearly 100 guests, including stars like Matt Damon and Bill Murray.

Clooney opened up about falling for his wife during a sit down with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett for their "SmartLess" podcast. "The truth was, I met this amazing woman and she took my breath away," Clooney said. "She was brilliant and funny and beautiful and kind. I was sort of swept off my feet." Clooney went on to explain that he, too, was shocked by the speed of his whirlwind romance, but he doesn't have any regrets.

The pair took their relationship a step further in 2017, welcoming their children, twins Ella and Alexander Clooney. Now, George is gushing over his twins and has given fans a rare insight into his personal life.

George Clooney's twins are multilingual

George and Amal Clooney's twins are well into their adolescent years now and are apparently thriving. When asked by Entertainment Tonight if he would allow his children to work in the entertainment business, Clooney suggested that the children would likely work in another industry. "They can do whatever they want," Clooney said. "My guess is that they're a little smarter than me, so, they'll probably do something — they already speak three languages, so, I'm still working on English."

And, while George didn't specify which new language skills the twins have acquired, he previously revealed that his children are fluent in Italian. "We did a really dumb thing, which is, they speak fluent Italian. I mean fluent Italian, at 3," he said during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." George went on to jokingly suggest that he and Amal have "armed" their children with a skill that neither of them have. However, Amal is fluent in both Arabic and French, according to CNN.