Here's How Much Kristian Alfonso Is Really Worth

Kristian Alfonso, who's portrayed Hope Brady on the long-running, award-winning soap "Days of Our Lives" since 1983, has a net worth of $5 million dollars. Though her original path was set to be a figure skater, she eventually found her way into entertainment — first with modeling and then acting — and has a whopping four decades of acting credits.

As the character Hope, aka Fancy Face, she was the very definition of glow up, starting as an innocent young girl to running away with bad boy Bo to becoming a wife, mother, and detective. As recognizable as Alfonso has been in daytime, she's also taken on prime time television appearing in both movies and television shows like "Melrose Place," "Baywatch," and "Falcon Crest." Alfonso is an Emmy winner and has snagged a few Soap Opera Digest Awards as well.

In 2020, Alfonso decided not to return to "Days of Our Lives" after the quarantine, but in 2022 she is still appearing in "Beyond Salem," a series spin-off. Besides acting, Alfonso has been a trendsetter and business woman, having started two of her own companies in fashion and jewelry. As a wife, mother, actor, and entrepreneur, Alfonso is always on the move and in demand. Keep reading to learn more about the actor's journey to her impressive net worth.

She began her career as a figure skater and model

Born in Brockton, Massachusetts, Kristian Alfonso seemed to be destined for success and stardom from an early age. As a young girl she trained in dancing and figure skating, and at the age of 13, she won a gold medal at the Junior Olympic Figure Skating Championships. However, as Alfonso said on the "Dishing with Soaps" podcast, that was the last time she competed due to a tobogganing accident that changed her whole life. As she said in a 1984 chat with Soap Opera Digest, "I was a competitive ice skater until I crushed my leg. Until four years ago I never even went to a movie!" She doesn't regret a thing, though. As the actor said on "Dishing with Soaps," "I would not have the life that I have or the wonderful opportunities."

And those opportunities started when someone from Wilhelmina models discovered her at a dance competition right before her accident. She was signed by Ford Models and appeared on dozens of magazine covers like Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Vogue, and Italian Bazaar. This also allowed her to travel far and wide— with her mother, of course, since she was under age. "I got to see the world. I had never left the country before in my life," she said.

Thanks to her visibility from modeling, Alfonso was then discovered by a casting director and when she was just 18, she appeared in her first film, "The Star Maker," with Rock Hudson and Suzanne Pleshette.

Kristian Alfonso got her start on soap operas

When Kristian Alfonso was cast in "The Star Maker," she was under contract with NBC, and the powers that be had asked her if she'd be interested in auditioning for "Days of Our Lives." As she told the "Dishing with Soaps" podcast, the prospect seemed too overwhelming, especially the part about relocating to California. Years later, the offer came again, and it was once again for the part of Hope Williams. Having already been a fan of the show, the young acting hopeful was both excited and nervous and even though she literally took a tumble during her audition, she was hired. "I was over the moon, excited," she recalled.

Alfonso couldn't have known at the time that she would be a part of soap history; the hiring of Peter Reckell as Bo Brady shortly after casting her would create one of the most memorable and romantic super couples on daytime television. Peter Reckell shared with Access Hollywood that Bo and Hope's instant chemistry was in part due to the natural camaraderie and innocence of Alfonso and Reckell as they got to know each other.

Alfonso and Reckell went on to win the Daytime Emmy Award for America's Favorite Couple and the Soap Opera Digest Award for Favorite Couple. Alfonso herself has won two other Soap Opera Digest Awards: Exciting New Actress in 1984 and Hottest Female Star in 1999. According to online reports, the biggest stars on the show, like Alfonso, supposedly make about $5,000 per episode.

She left daytime for prime time

Fans of daytime dramas are used to the revolving door of characters and actors, who move out of the role or are replaced by another actor for various reasons. For Kristian Alfonso, it appears her break from "Days of Our lives" in the '80s was about giving prime time television a shot. Her first break from the show happened in 1988 when she joined the cast of "Falcon Crest" as Pilar Ortega until 1990 when she rejoined "DOOL." During that first break she also had guest roles on "Murder She Wrote" and "Full House."

Alfonso's second break came in 1991. She appeared on "Baywatch" and "Burke's Law," as well as a regular role on the popular "Melrose Place." And it would seem both Alfonso and her fans couldn't go much longer without the character of Hope because the same month her last episode of "Melrose Place" aired, the actor arrived back in Salem where she stayed until 2020.

Alfonso's brief interludes into prime time were a nice addition to her net worth, as prime time actors make more on average than daytime TV actors. As Backstage reported in 2022, a guest star on a prime time one-hour drama can bring in nearly $9,000 an episode; in 2015, The Hollywood Reporter noted that it wasn't unrealistic for series stars to earn six figures an episode — and beyond. The  main cast of "Friends" (which Alfonso appeared on in a 2000 episode) made $1 million per episode in the final season.

She left Days of Our Lives in 2020

Throughout 2020, the global pandemic naturally impacted the production of many television shows, and "Days of Our Lives" was no exception. Changes were made across the board and that meant a change for Hope Brady as well— something that Kristian Alfonso wasn't up for. As she explained to ET, after producers let her know that Hope would be taking a months-long break from the show, she took it as a sign that it was time to move on. More importantly, she felt the whole thing was a wake-up call to her. "This time during COVID, which has been so horrific for our country, the world, it really made me pause and think about life," she said.

The actor broke the news via a statement on her Instagram page where she shared how grateful she was and expressed love and gratitude for Betty Corday and all the cast and crew. Then she spoke to the fans. "Many of you have been with me on this journey from the beginning. I cannot thank you enough for generosity, love and support," she wrote. Given she'd been on the show for 37 years, this announcement came as a shock to everyone, especially her fans, who commented with love and support. Even a year after the post, fans were still commenting, with one saying, "Days sure isn't the same since you've been gone."

She joined the cast of Beyond Salem

When Kristian Alfonso announced she was leaving "Days of Our Lives" after 37 years, fans were understandably upset. But not long after, their dismay turned to confusion — and likely delight — when the news came that Alfonso would be reprising her role as Hope Brady on the "Days" spinoff series, "Beyond Salem," beginning with Season 2.

She decided to join the cast of "Beyond Salem" because, as he told E! News, the storyline really sealed the deal for her. Alfonso shared her excitement from hearing what head writer Ron Carlivati had planned for Hope, saying, "If the fans know me at all, which I know you do, is that it has to be about the story. As I'm talking about it, I'm getting chills." In a TV Insider interview, Alfonso appeared with co-star Peter Reckell, who also appears in the "Days" spinoff (as a ghost since his character died), and the two appeared to have the same chemistry they had when they first met close to 40 years ago.

And to the critics who called Alfonso out, believing her departure was definitive, she told Soap Opera Digest, "I don't think of this as going back to 'Days of Our Lives.' This is, I feel, a branch of it." She went on to say that she didn't think there would be anything wrong with returning to "Days" if that's what she wanted but it would be based on storyline as well.

Kristian Alfonso has made real estate moves

After appearing in her first movie at the age of 18, Kristian Alfonso returned to her family home in Massachusetts, but she didn't stay there long. Despite being afraid of the earthquakes, as she shared on the "Dishing with Soaps" podcast, she eventually moved to California to begin what has come to be a decades-long career.

As the Los Angeles Times reported at the time, in 1996 the actor listed the Hollywood Hills home she was living in for $469,000. Alfonso was moving on up, closer to Beverly Hills, where she reportedly purchased a 5,000 square foot home for $900,000. A nice upgrade from her previous 1,700 square feet. 

In a 1997 chat with Soap Opera Digest, Alfonso opened up about both missing New England and enjoying her life in Los Angeles. "I actually purchased a new house. I love what I do. My son loves it here," she said.  Though she put down roots on the West Coast, her hometown still holds a special place in her heart. In September 2021, the Massachusetts-born actor posted a photo of herself frolicking in the streets of Boston, looking chic in a casual dress and hat with the hashtag "#boston" followed by three hearts. And in a post from 2020, she wrote, "I'll always be a Boston #girl."

She has her own jewelry line

If there was one thing the character of Hope Williams Brady was besides beautiful, it was stylish, especially in regards to the jewelry she wore. And when Kristian Alfonso came out with her own jewelry line in 2007 and called it Hope Faith Miracles, it's likely her fans thought the name was a nod to her "Days of Our Lives" character. Alfonso, however, insisted to that the company name is not actually a reference to "Days of Our Lives." Even so, there are a number of pieces that could be right at home in Hope Williams Brady's jewelry box. In a separate interview with Knox News, she stated, "My jewelry is everyday elegance. You can be in your jeans, be black-tie or cocktail." 

Not long after launching her jewelry line, Alfonso came out with a clothing line, Hope by Kristian Alfonso, which debuted on HSN. Like her jewelry, she wanted to create a range of clothing that was both appealing and accessible. "I design things that can be worn year-round," she told Knox News. "I'm trying to take the guesswork out of dressing."

While Alfonso's clothing line appears to be discontinued, you can still pick up some jewelry pieces on the company site. And you can always grab one of her wardrobe pieces on Poshmark.