What Meredith Marks From RHOSLC Does For A Living

Meredith Marks was known for her lavish lifestyle and outrageous outfits since "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" debuted in 2020 and fans wondered how she acquired her fortune. Meredith and her husband, Seth Marks, seemed to be a power couple. As fans may recall, she revealed in Season 1 that he often traveled for his work. At the time, he working as the CEO of International Retail Venture, per Distractify.

Although Meredith tried to maintain a happy facade, she later admitted that she and Seth were separated. However, in "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" Season 2 found Meredith and Seth reconciled and ready to give their marriage another chance. Although Seth was still traveling a lot for work, the couple managed to spend quality time when they had the chance. Meredith focused her energies on helping her son Brooks Marks with his fashion line of high-end tracksuits, while also maintaining her successful business.

How Meredith Marks began her jewelry career

Meredith Marks wore many hats before she settled into her career as a jewelry designer. Marks studied fine arts before graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in law, per Bustle. She also has a degree in Master of Management in business. Following college, Marks worked in real estate development while also running a health club, per Page Six. During this time, Marks experienced a traumatic mugging incident that propelled her to switch careers.

Marks recounted dropping off her son Reid at school and walking down a Chicago street when she was "aggressively mugged [and] dragged across the street," she told Page Six. The incident caused her to evaluate her life and she decided to walk away from her hectic businesses. Years later, Marks was struck with an idea to design jewelry. 

She credits her great-grandmother for her love of fine jewelry, as well as her mother's collection, which she recalled admiring as a child, per her website. Marks' designs can be found in her retail store in Park City, Utah. Since the launch of her career, Marks' jewelry line has been wildly successful and has adorned celebrities such as Rihanna and Adriana Lima.

Meredith Marks has a retail store in Utah

"The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" fans can visit Meredith Marks' brick-and-mortar store in Park City, Utah as well as shop online for the jewels. Besides her high-end jewelry, Marks sells trendy clothing and accessories. Her store was much talked about in Season 2 when she accused her castmate Jen Shah of being involved with a theft. 

As reported by Page Six, Marks recounted a phone call from her store manager after Shah and her friends stopped by for some retail therapy. According to Marks' manager, Shah had purchased some items but after she and her crew were gone, a snakeskin clutch was missing. Shah later defended herself by stating it was Marks' employee who had made the mistake, according to Reality Blurb!. She then shaded Marks' store by calling it a "swap meet."

Despite the negative review from her fellow castmate, Marks' store seems to be doing well and has even hosted a pop-up event for Frankie's on the Park. Marks also carries Brooks Marks' line, and proudly displayed her son's baseball cap. While Marks' fashion choices have been questioned at times, fans can't deny she has a unique style and a keen eye for jewelry.