Did Meredith Marks Really Just Take Jen Shah's Side?

In a strange twist of fate, Meredith Marks may have just sided with her frenemy Jen Shah. Jen's image has become scandalized on "RHOSLC" Season 2 following her on-screen arrest for her alleged involvement in a nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme. While Jen maintains her innocence ahead of her 2022 trial, the "Shah-mazing" star is dealing with the fallout of her legal scandal with her castmates on the reality series.

One co-star who is outspoken against Shah is Meredith, who called out Shah for "liking" homophobic tweets about her son Brooks Marks. "Jen has made not passive-aggressive, but aggressive-aggressive digs on Brooks all over social media and it's not nice," Meredith said, per Bravo TV. "I wouldn't talk about anyone else's children." Solidifying that she's not on team #FreeJenShah, Meredith also claimed on a recent episode that Shah stole a luxury handbag from her boutique, according to Page Six. Because she has claimed to want nothing to do with Shah, fans were shocked when Meredith took up for her on social media.

Meredith Marks advises Jen Shah to know her 'true friends'

Even though fans thought she would never say it, Meredith Marks said she completely agrees with Jen Shah after the most recent episode of "RHOSLC." In the latest installment, Jen felt a lack of support from the group amid her legal drama when the ladies argued about who backstabbed her after the news of her arrest broke. "You guys are fighting over who said the most worst thing about me," Shah said in her confessional, per Page Six. "You don't need to do this with me here."

Despite their history butting heads, Meredith actually spoke out in support of Shah's statements during the episode. "I completely agree with Jen," Meredith tweeted. "To argue over who said worse things as a group is cruel." Marks continued that the situation was a total "gang up." While she admitted she's not Shah's friend, Marks wrote "she should know who her real friends are right now." The jewelry designer went on to defend her authenticity in a separate tweet. "If you are her friend, be there and support her," Meredith wrote, "Otherwise, just be honest and let her know that she does not have your support."

Though her real-time support of Shah may be shifting, fans have experienced a major blowup on "RHOSLC" Season 2 between Meredith and Jen. "Who's calling who a fraud?" Marks hurls at Jen in a teaser clip, seemingly referencing the charges against her.