RHOSLC: The Truth About Meredith Marks' Son, Brooks

Each iteration of the Real Housewives brings new reality stars. Landing a coveted position on Bravo's most successful franchise can be a lucrative deal — for those dramatic enough to make the cut. The housewives might start out as housewives, but if they play their cards right and manage to stay in the cast for a few seasons, it isn't long before they're bonafide social media influencers with lucrative sponsorships, or until they branch out and start their businesses. The most notable example of this is probably Lisa Vanderpump, who turned her tenure on RHOBH into a spinoff about her restaurant, Vanderpump Rules, which she executive produced, building-up a restaurant empire attracting tourists and fans alike. 

The newest entry into the Housewives canon is The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. While some new cities have failed to make a great impression on Bravo viewers (hello Miami), fans can't get enough of the ladies of Salt Lake City, who are by far the most diverse (both racially and spiritually) group of women on Bravo. One question remains, though: which western housewife will become the most popular and ultimately cash in on her success?

A potential answer might surprise you. It turns out the current fan favorite isn't a housewife, but Meredith Marks' son, Brooks Marks. Brooks has stood by his mom during a difficult time in her marriage, and won over fans with his glib comments about cows and his apparent dislike of his mom's friends. Keep reading to find out more about Brooks Marks. 

Brooks Marks is poised for success

Fans of Bravo were excited to see the new ladies of Salt Lake City, but it was one of their sons who stole the show. Real Housewives of Salt Lake city viewers couldn't get enough of Meredith Marks' son, Brooks Marks, in the series premiere. On an episode of Watch What Happens Live!, following the RHOSLC premiere, the ladies sat down to discuss the upcoming seasons. The conversation quickly turned to Brooks, though. "Your son is iconic," a viewer said. "How does he feel knowing he is the star of tonight's episode?"

"Brooks is, in my eyes, beyond iconic. He is incredible," Meredith responded. "He is my pillar of support in so many ways. And he's feeling great. He's really positive about everything. I'm so excited for him. I think this is going to be incredible."

Brooks isn't just a breakout reality star, though. He's also a budding clothing designer who took a semester off from college to focus on his work. Brooks is the creative mind behind Brooks Marks, a loungewear company. We're willing to bet that if anyone can turn a role on Bravo into a marketable line of menswear (and maybe even a spinoff), it's Brooks.