The Truth About Sydney Sweeney's Fiance, Jonathan Davino

Sydney Sweeney is a fan-favorite on the popular HBO series, "Euphoria," but she isn't dating co-star Jacob Elordi despite their on-screen chemistry. In fact, Sweeney seems to keep her personal life, especially when it comes to her romantic relationships, off social media despite having such an active fanbase. While her current romance remained low-key for quite some time, things changed in early 2022. In March, People confirmed the actor was engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Jonathan Davino, after photos surfaced in February of her wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Sweeney revealed why she likes to keep her romantic relationships private. She told the outlet, "I don't date actors or musicians or anyone in entertainment because I can just be normal Syd that way and it's easiest. I have a great support system."

Since Davino is not in the spotlight, there is some undeniable mystery surrounding him. However, luckily for fans, there are answers to the questions they want to know about their favorite actor's fiancé.

How long have Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino been dating?

Sydney Sweeney is now engaged to Jonathan Davino, but their decision to commit to each other didn't just happen overnight. According to Page Six, the couple has been dating since 2018. Sweeney has never confirmed their relationship to the press or online, but she has been spotted with Davino by paparazzi on multiple occasions since then. During the pandemic, the couple was spotted packing on the PDA while vacationing in Maui, according to photos obtained and published by the Daily Mail. They have also been spotted running errands together and enjoying the simple things, like shopping at their local flea market, per Just Jared Jr.

Davino is from Chicago, so Sweeney tends to spend a lot of time in the city herself. In an interview with Elite Daily back in 2019, the actor subtly hinted that her romantic partner was from Chicago. Speaking of the windycity, she explained, "I have a place there. It's like my getaway place." When asked who she knew in that particular city to be spending so much time there, she replied, "a friend." According to TMZ, Davino's family owns a device technology and packaging company called 14th Round and Finalbell. However, he's also listed as a producer for Sweeney's upcoming TV mini-series, "The Player's Table," per IMDb, so the couple will soon be blending their personal and professional lives, as well. 

Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino appear to be focused on their future together

Despite Sydney Sweeney's busy schedule and quick rise to fame, it appears that she's fully focused on building a future with her fiancé, Jonathan Davino, sooner rather than later. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in July, Sweeney revealed, "I want to have a family, I've always wanted to be a young mom, and I'm worried about how this industry puts stigmas on young women who have children and looks at them in a different light." While starting a family with Davino might come quicker than some may have expected, a wedding is still a major priority for the couple.

In July, a source told Entertainment Tonight, "[Sweeney] has been thinking about wedding planning. Sydney and Jonathan are excited to get married and are hoping to have their wedding in the spring of next year." Although Sweeney hasn't shared anything about her engagement online, her fans are still very excited for her. Following the news, one fan tweeted, "SYDNEY SWEENEY IS ENGAGED !!!! HAPPY FOR HER AAAAACKKK," while another said, "Sydney Sweeney is engaged? Wow I'm so happy for her." Hopefully, some of Sweeney's "Euphoria" co-stars will be included in her and Davino's special day.