Whoopi Goldberg Makes It Clear Her Feelings About Meghan McCain Haven't Changed

Whoopi Goldberg, an actor, and comedian (notoriously known for her liberal views), became a co-host of "The View" back in 2007, according to Brittanica. She is one of the longest standing co-hosts on the show alongside original host, Joy Behar, who joined the series during its 1997 debut, per Entertainment Weekly. "The View" discusses topics, some more controversial than others, amongst a panel of women who have different political and religious views.

Goldberg unapologetically holds her ground and has never been one to back down from disagreements with other co-hosts on the show. However, there was a different type of undeniable tension between her and another former co-host, Meghan McCain, that was unlike what viewers had seen in the past. McCain, daughter of late politician John McCain and an openly conservative woman, never seemed to see eye-to-eye with Goldberg or the other co-hosts on the series and as a result, their verbal arguments were often overwhelming.

Viewers watched the hosts scream over each other nearly every day and in January 2020, Page Six reported that "The View" developed an "unhealthy environment" and that tensions were high during filming due to McCain's opposing beliefs and overall behavior. McCain ultimately exited the show in July 2021, according to USA Today, after a tumultuous four year journey on the ABC series. Now, over a year after McCain's infamous exit, Goldberg is opening up about how she really feels about the former host.

Whoopi Goldberg is at peace following Meghan McCain's exit from The View

It's been a little over a year since Meghan McCain's swift exit from "The View," but Whoopi Goldberg appears to still be grateful about the former co-host deciding to leave. She recently opened up to Page Six about McCain's exit and revealed that going to work has been less stressful for her ever since. "It's calmer because nobody wants to be that tired every day," Goldberg said. "I think [the show], it's better. I feel it's better, but I'm still tired!" McCain's abrasive and confrontational approach to the show reportedly made everyone just want to go home at the time.

Goldberg has always made her opinion on the situation clear, but McCain sees things differently as she felt as though she was never supported by the other women on "The View," especially after going on maternity leave, which ultimately led to her exit.

In her audio memoir, "Bad Republican," she opened up about the experience and her relationship with Goldberg on the show. "The thing about Whoopi, though, is that she yields so much power in culture and television, and once she turns on you, it can create unfathomable tension at the table," McCain said, via Page Six. "I found her open disdain for me more and more difficult to manage as the years went on and it became more frequent." There appears to be a more cordial dynamic between the current co-hosts of "The View"  following McCain's dramatic exit.