Kelsea Ballerini Debunks Major Assumption About Her Divorce

Country singer Kelsea Ballerini and fellow country star Morgan Evans were married in 2017, but Ballerini filed for divorce from Evans in August. A source told People at the time that "They've been working on their marriage for a very long time. Prior to this they had separated privately once before and have been in therapy for several years." When Ballerini's court documents became publicly known, both she and Evans took to Instagram to release statements on their divorce.

Ballerini wrote to her followers on her Instagram Story at the time and explained, "Friends, I've always tried my best to share my life with you in a real and vulnerable way, while also protecting layers of my personal life as they unfold. This is now public record so I wanted you to hear from me directly that I am going through a divorce" (via People). In his statement, Evans said, "I am very sad to confirm that after almost five years of marriage, Kelsea and I are parting ways. I wish it were otherwise but sadly it is not."

Now, Ballerini is debunking one big mystery surrounding her divorce.

There wasn't one catalyst for Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans' divorce

Now, Kelsea Ballerini has clarified that her divorce from Morgan Evans wasn't as much of a shock for them as it might have seemed to their fans. The singer told "CBS Mornings," "I think when there's a big life decision like that, it's not a sudden one, there is a lot that happens before that becomes public" (via ET). Ballerini also said that she is on "[her] active healing journey" amid her divorce from Evans, but that she wanted to set the record straight on her marriage. "It's not chaotic, it's not volatile, it just didn't work," she clarified.

Before they announced their divorce, Ballerini didn't hesitate to let the public know that she and Evans were in couples therapy. Ballerini told People in one interview, "We go to couples therapy all the time." She added that "We have really good couples friends that we vacation with, but we also can sit down with and have the hard conversations." 

In that same interview, Ballerini also discussed how her parents' difficult divorce originally made her not want to get married. "I swore I was never going to get married," the "Miss Me More" singer said, as her parents had a "super-messy and really drawn-out" divorce.