Stars Who Left Their Husbands For Younger Men

Famous men aren't the only ones looking for newer models. These female celebs ditched their spouses in favor of going the cougar route. More power to them!

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon met Tim Robbins, who is 12 years her junior, on the set of Bull Durham (1987), and while they never officially married, they were together for 23 years and had two children before calling it quits in December 2009.

Almost immediately after their split, Sarandon began dating SPiN New York ping pong club co-founder Jonathan Bricklin, who is 31 years younger than her. She told Hello! Magazine (via Closer Weekly ) of the romance, "It's the soul of a person that interests me. When you are in love, the question of age, sex, color no longer hold any importance."

Unfortunately, the May-December union didn't last, and Bricklin confirmed to Page Six in March 2015 that he and Sarandon had called it quits after nearly six years together.


Madonna and Guy Ritchie announced their divorce in November 2008 after months of speculation that the marriage was over. Then 40, Ritchie was already 10 years younger than then-50-year-old Madonna, but she still rebounded with men even younger than he was: Within weeks of announcing the split, The Daily Mail reported that she was publicly canoodling with Alex Rodriguez, who was 33 at the time — though they'd been rumored to be hooking up for months before her separation from Ritchie.

Even A-Rod wasn't young enough, however: She was reportedly dating model Jesus Luz at the same time — he was 22 years old at the time, and Madge was 14 years older than his mom. She later moved on to Brahim Zaibat, who is 24 years younger than she is.

She said of her relationship with Zaibat in 2012, "I didn't choose to, you know — I didn't, like, write down on a piece of paper 'I'm now going to have a relationship with a younger man.' That's just what happened. You see, that's the romantic in me. I just met someone that I cared for, and this happened to be his age."

In January 2017, she told Harper's Bazaar of her penchant for youthful gents, "I've created a very unconventional family. I have lovers who are three decades younger than me. This makes people very uncomfortable. I feel like everything I do makes people feel really uncomfortable."

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner was married to Caitlyn Jenner—then known as Bruce—for 22 years before they announced their separation in October 2013. When they filed for divorce in September 2014, Kris was 58 to Caitlyn's 64. Two months later, Kris debuted her new boyfriend, Corey Gamble, who at the time was 33 to her 59.

Khloe Kardashian poked fun at her mom's most recent romance, telling Complex in 2015, "My mom is living the good life right now. When I found out she was dating, or even texting back and forth, it was so weird to see her giggly. I'm like, 'How do you flirt? Like, what do you guys say?' And it is disgusting. It's awkward. Why is a 32-year-old, or whatever he is, why is he talking to a 50-fabulous-something woman? That's just — and I say it to her all the time — weird. Hearing them have sex is wild and I'm traumatized."

Robin Wright

Robin Wright was stuck in a tumultuous marriage with Sean Penn for 13 years until they divorced in 2010. He rebounded with several young starlets, including Petra Nemcova and Scarlett Johansson, but Penn wasn't alone. Wright quickly moved on with actor Ben Foster, who's 15 years her junior. The pair were together for more than three years and engaged for a year before they split for good in August 2015.

Before the split, Wright told Vanity Fair of her May-December relationship, "I was pregnant and ostensibly married at 24. You hear people say how they have 'arrived,' but it was just always there, waiting to come out. For me, it just took a long time. I'm 48. I'm finally a person. I think I'm finally ready." She added, "I've never been happier in my life than I am today. Perhaps it's not ladylike [to say], but I've never laughed more, read more, or come more than with Ben. He inspires me to be the best of myself. There's so much to learn. It's endless. How great! It took me a long time to grow up. Love is possible as life is possible."

Jennifer Lopez

In 2011, Jennifer Lopez, then 41, and third husband Marc Anthony, then 42, separated after seven years of marriage (and sharing twins Max and Emme). After the split, Lopez took up with backup dancer Beau "Casper" Smart, who was 24 at the time — and 18 years her junior. Lopez and Smart split in late August 2016, but J.Lo wasn't done with younger hunks: In December 2016, she was linked to Drake, who was then 30 to her 47. It didn't last, and by March 2017, she went public with current beau, former Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez — who's only six years younger than she is.

In February 2017, Lopez told Ellen DeGeneres, "I don't date younger men. It's not like you have to be younger. It's not about that. I just meet people and then if I go out with them, I go out with them, and if I like them I like them and if I don't I don't. It's about the person, you know? It's nothing to do with age." She added, "There's this thing because I dated Beau, and he was younger, and he was the first guy I ever dated who was younger than me, and I got labeled right away ... For me, age isn't [a thing]," she continued. "If there's somebody older, they're older. If they're younger, they're younger. It doesn't matter, it's just whether or not I'm attracted to them or not — their spirit, their soul, whatever."

Sam Taylor-Johnson

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson (then known as Sam Taylor-Wood) was 42 years old and married to art dealer Jay Jopling when she met 17-year-old actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson (then known as Aaron Johnson) on the set of Nowhere Boy (2009) in 2008. Johnson turned 18 in June 2008. By September 2008, The Telegraph reported that Sam and Jopling's marriage was over. While they both denied anyone else was involved in the dissolution of their relationship, Wood gave birth to Johnson's first child, daughter Wylda, in July 2010. They welcomed their second daughter, Romy, in 2012, after which they got married and hyphenated their last names.

Sam told The Hollywood Reporter of the relationship, "If I gave a second thought to other people, I would be the unhappiest person, probably still in a miserable marriage. People like to talk about it. I'm like, 'Yeah, but it works better than my last marriage.' It's lasted longer than a lot of my friends' marriages."

Aaron, meanwhile, told the U.K.'s Sunday Times, "I don't engage with [talk about the age gap]. At an early age when I saw articles, it just f***ed me up ... What does it even f***ing matter about our age? I never noticed it when we fell in love with each other. And I don't notice it now ... We just instinctively gel ... People who know me call me Benjamin Button — they think I'm an old soul and she's a young soul."

Julianne Moore

Oscar winner Julianne Moore was married to actor John Gould Rubin until they divorced in 1994. By 1996, she'd found love with current husband, Bart Freundlich, who's 11 years younger than she is and with whom she shares two daughters.

She told The Sydney Morning Herald of her  second marriage, "I think marriage is really hard. My husband and I have been together for 15 years now, which is hard for me to believe. We talk about having to make an effort, go away together, do something different. But you have jobs and kids and the roof is leaking and then something breaks in the basement, and then the dog has got some horrible virus, and you suddenly think: this is what my life has become."

Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton went from a much older man to a much younger one. The actress was in a relationship with Scottish playwright and artist John Byrne, who's 20 years older, from 1989 until 2003; the couple are parents to twins. After the split, Swinton began dating German artist Sandro Kopp, who's 18 years younger than her. Five years later, Kopp moved into the home she and Byrne still shared. They all co-habited pretty happily for a while until Byrne eventually moved out.

Swinton explained to The Daily Mail of the seemingly unconventional arrangement, "It's all quite boring really. The father of my children and I are good friends and I'm now in a very happy other relationship. And we're all really good friends. It's a very happy situation. Life doesn't have to be complicated. You just have to have compassion with yourself and stop blaming yourself when things do get complicated."

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson, then 35, was engaged to Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, then 36, with whom she shares son Bingham, for four years until they called it quits in December 2014. Us Weekly reported that she rebounded almost immediately with Dancing With The Stars pro Derek Hough, who was 29 at the time. After her fling with the fancy foot-worker ended, TMZ reported that she moved on to the even younger Nick Jonas, then 23 to her 36.

Jonas later blew the lid off of the relationship (while simultaneously pretending to respect Hudson's privacy), telling Complex, "Kate's incredible. We had an unbelievable connection as two humans who just admire things about each other, and see something in each other that's beautiful. Out of my best effort to respect her and her privacy, I'm not going to say if we had sex or not. But we did have a beautiful connection. Even now I have so much admiration and respect. She's amazing."


After divorcing husband Sonny Bono, who was 11 years older than her, in 1975, Cher took up with a series of men who got younger and younger: First with southern rocker Gregg Allman, who was two years younger. They married almost immediately and were together for four years, when she met musician Les Dudek, The Daily Mail reported. Dudek is six years Cher's junior, but the romance didn't last: She moved on to hockey player Ron Duguay, who's 10 years younger than her, but the relationship only lasted for a month. She then dated Kiss rocker Gene Simmons, who's four years her junior, followed by Val Kilmer, who's 14 years younger, for nine months, then Tom Cruise, 16 years her junior, for six months in 1985. She then dated movie mogul Josh Donen, who's 11 years younger than her, from 1985 to 1987, followed by Rob "Bagel Boy" Camilletti, 18 years her junior, from 1986 to 1989. When that fizzled, she dated Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, 13 years her junior, for six months in 1989.

After a brief fling with Eric Clapton, who's actually one year older than her, Cher moved on with biker Tim Medvetz, who's 24 years younger, off and on from 2008 to 2012.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry was married to singer Eric Benet, who's the same age as the Oscar winning stunner, but they split in 2002 after he admitted to cheating on her several times. She rebounded with model Gabriel Aubry, who's 10 years younger, and with whom she shares daughter Nahla. After an acrimonious split from Aubry, Berry moved on with actor Olivier Martinez, who's her own age, in 2010. They married three years later, but split in 2015. After the divorce, Berry, then 51, began dating music producer Alex Da Kid, then 35, in fall 2017 — but Us Weekly reported that they called it quits within months.