Grey's Anatomy Star Kate Walsh's Engagement Ring Beautifully Aligns With Her Personality - Exclusive

Kate Walsh is engaged! And despite the eye-catching ring, she's keeping things casual.

The "Grey's Anatomy" and "Umbrella Academy" star accidentally revealed her exciting relationship news on an Instagram Live. Chatting with fans alongside fellow actor Amy Brenneman, Walsh got distracted by the appearance of a man in her video frame. "That is my fiance," she explained off-handedly.

The man, farmer Andrew Nixon, waved while Brenneman appeared shocked. "She just 100% outed your engagement," she said. Walsh acknowledged that she had, but seemed unfazed. The two had been publicly linked for many years and even briefly lived together during the COVID-19 pandemic, as reported by the Daily Mail. Walsh had also made no large effort to hide the sizable diamond as she gesticulated throughout the video. Though the news has officially broken, her low-key approach to the announcement makes us wonder how many details we're going to get about the big moment. Fortunately, the ring itself tells a story.

Diamond expert has a lot to say about Kate Walsh's new bling

The comment section of Amy Brenneman's reuploaded live stream was replete with excited fans and ring emojis. They weren't the only ones interested in Kate Walsh's new accessory, however. Mike Fried, CEO of The Diamond Pro, was able to discern a lot from the flashes of the bling on Instagram.

"The square-shaped stone paired with her thin band draws the eye directly to her massive diamond," he noted, saying that this makes the gem the ring's "focal point." He also noted that the diamond's unique shape creates a "modern feel," evoking a style that feels "fresh and original."

It certainly seems to be a perfect fit for Walsh, who is beloved for her own vibrancy and contagious energy. The livestream prompted hoards of fans to take to Twitter to express their excitement ... and dismay. "kate walsh being engaged and not to me," one fan lamented, tacking on a heartbroken emoticon. Others were simply thrilled to be allowed a glimpse into the conversation between Brenneman and Walsh, nothing that it felt like "a personal facetime call." If the ring is this stunning, we can't wait to see the wedding pictures!