Katie Couric's Daughters Unpack Their Complex Reactions To Mom's Cancer Diagnosis

Katie Couric bravely announced her breast cancer diagnosis on September 28. According to a personal essay published on her website, Couric was diagnosed with cancer over Summer break. "June 21, 2022, was the first day of summer, my 8th wedding anniversary, and the day I found out I had breast cancer," wrote Couric. The veteran journalist and author, best known for her work on "The Today Show" and "CBS," shared that she went in for a mammogram on June 20 at the urging of her gynecologist, despite not being too keen on the idea. "That's crazy, I just got one!" Couric replied, before her doctor assured her she hadn't had one since December 2020. Ultimately, Couric's mammogram revealed a lump that required a biopsy. "Your biopsy came back. It's cancer. You're going to be fine but we need to make a plan," said Couric's doctor. Per the essay, Couric's medical plan included a lumpectomy and round of radiation and a low likelihood of needing chemotherapy. 

During an appearance on "The Today Show," Couric shared that her cancer was found at Stage 1A and touted the benefits of early detection. She also gave viewers a promising update on her health. "I'm feeling great. I'm just getting over a cold," Couric shared. "I'm feeling just fine. I finished radiation last week. They said it made you tired, I was actually not too tired from it." Now, Couric's daughters have shared their reactions to their mom's breast cancer diagnosis.

Katie Couric's daughters were afraid after learning about her breast cancer diagnosis

Katie Couric's daughters shared their reactions to their mom's diagnosis during an episode of her "Next Question" podcast. Couric informed her youngest daughter Carrie, a journalist, first. Carrie woke up to a missed call from her mom and a "call me" text. Afterward, they hopped on FaceTime where Couric informed her of the news. "It was scary," shared Ellie.  "She told me that everything was going to be fine. I think she prefaced it that way." Ellie added, "I felt worried. But I think she understood from the get-go that she had access to amazing doctors, that it was super early and that she — in all likelihood — was going to be okay. Ellie, who works as a TV writer, also felt frightened. "There were certain trigger words used. Radiation was hard to hear. Even the mention of chemotherapy and imagining mom losing her hair was really scary to me."

Unfortunately, Katie Couric and her family have a tragic history with cancer. Couric's first husband — and the father of her two daughters Ellie Monahan and Carrie Monahan —Jay Monahan died after a battle with colon cancer at the age of 42, according to People. Jay's untimely passing is likely one reason Couric was nervous to tell her daughters about her breast cancer diagnosis. "I told them, but I was very reassuring, but I saw on their faces," Couric shared on The Today Show. "You know, it's just hard to deliver that news, no matter how you do it."