Charlie Puth Unveils What His Experience With Ellen DeGeneres' Music Label Was Really Like

In the late 2000s and early 2010s, a young, aspiring musician by the name of Charlie Puth rose to fame on YouTube through his channel, "Charlie's Vlogs" (now his official YouTube channel), which soon became viral and launched the young artist to national fame. By 2011, he had appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," where the famous host announced that she had signed Puth to her music label, eleveneleven. 

However, although DeGeneres' label may have helped boost Puth's career, he later left eleveneleven. Now, more than a decade after the famed comedienne helped to launch the career of the man who has now seen the top of the Billboard charts numerous times, many are wondering what it was like for Puth to work under her label, especially given the scandalous revelations made about DeGeneres and her workplace in recent years. As it turns out, Puth has finally opened up about what it was like working with eleveneleven. And in some ways, he may have confirmed exactly what many suspected. 

Charlie Puth says no one was present while he was at eleveneleven

In the latest episode of Rolling Stone's podcast, "Rolling Stone Music Now," Charlie Puth discussed a number of things related to his latest studio album, "Charlie," and what it was like to assimilate into the music industry. Echoing singer Greyson Chance's comments that he felt "abandoned" by Ellen DeGeneres' music label, eleveneleven, Puth said that he "agree[d]" that "no one was present, certainly, after the creation of my first demo EP. Not putting any blame on one person, but from a collective ... All the people that were in that room, they just disappeared. I didn't hear from anybody."

Puth did add the caveat that this was likely more an issue with the label as an organization, rather than DeGeneres herself, who he remembers fondly. "People describe Ellen as rude," he said, referring to the numerous accusations made in 2020 of DeGeneres ruling over a toxic workplace culture. "I've never experienced that. Maybe she likes me." 

Indeed, after appearing on her talk show for the final time in April, he made a post on Instagram dedicated to remembering his many times on the show and his fond memories of DeGeneres herself. "Thank you for being so kind to me over the last 10 years Ellen," he wrote in the post. "This was the first TV show I went on when I was 19!"