Alex Anagnoson

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
King's College London, University Of California Los Angeles
Movies, TV, Documentaries
  • Alex has been working as a freelance journalist covering news and entertainment since 2020.
  • When he's not writing for Static Media or covering "Survivor," Alex is a dedicated writer in his free time, having completed two full-length screenplays at the University of California, Los Angeles. While at UCLA, Alex was inspired to expand his horizons into the creative writing realm, and he is now writing fiction during his spare time.
  • Alex is passionate about news, entertainment, and television in all forms. He has previously written for sites such as Heavy, where he covered CBS' hit reality show "Survivor," as well as the dramatic final season of AMC's "Better Call Saul."


Alex has worked as a professional writer since 2020. His interest in language and the art of writing piqued in 2018, when he wrote his undergraduate dissertation on the nuances of language as used by U.S. politicians. At King's College London, he was a member of several of the school's student-run newspapers, most notably his department's very own Kinguistics, where he contributed a number of short stories and poems. Alex has worked at Static Media since 2022, where he specializes in writing about movies, TV, and celebrities.


Alex graduated with First Class Honours from King's College London in 2018, with a B.A. in English Language & Linguistics. From there, he proceeded to do a do a professional program at UCLA's TFT Film School, specializing in the arena of Screenwriting.
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