Prince Harry Claims Princess Diana's Fate Made Him Worried For Meghan Markle

Followers of the British royal family surely know of the tragedies the Windsors have faced in recent history. For one, anyone old enough to follow the news at the time will surely recall the tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales — the mother of William, Prince of Wales, and Harry, Duke of Sussex — in 1997, which was somewhat a result of the media's undying obsession with the princess and her personal life. 

Over two decades later, her youngest son announced that he and his wife, Meghan Markle, would be stepping back from professional royal family duties and moving to Meghan's native California. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex took this drastic and unprecedented action in large part because of the backlash Meghan received upon her ascension into the royal family, both from the U.K. public at large and from within the royal family itself. As a result of their similar (though hopefully less tragic) trajectories, many have drawn comparisons between Meghan and Diana

Now, Harry and Meghan have partnered with Netflix and are on the cusp of releasing a documentary series titled "Harry & Meghan," which is slated to premiere on December 8. The documentary is set to explore their reasonings for stepping back from the royal family. And in a new trailer released for the documentary, Harry makes a stunning comparison between his wife and mother which made him "terrified" for Meghan's safety. 

Prince Harry says he feared history might repeat itself

A new trailer released on December 5 for Netflix's upcoming documentary "Harry & Meghan" draws a number of parallels between Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry's wife, and Diana, Princess of Wales, Harry's mother. It's an eerie portrayal that some are referring to as "echoes of Diana's death." 

However, it's none other than Prince Harry himself who made the most striking comparison. He revealed the onset of the attacks against Meghan back in the U.K. made him fear for her safety. "I was terrified," he said. "I didn't want history would repeat itself." The Duke of Sussex added, "It's a dirty game, the pain and suffering of women marrying into this institution, this feeding frenzy." 

Of course, this documentary is not the first to draw (sometimes ominous) parallels between the stories of Meghan and Diana. In March 2021, Vogue noted the similarity between Meghan and Harry's Oprah interview with Diana's 1995 BBC interview with Martin Bashir. In the end, it appears as though Harry and Meghan have indeed escaped the fate of his mother, though there will surely be much more to learn from both the documentary and Harry's upcoming memoir, due for release in early 2023.