Which Former Child Star Do Fans Want To Make A Comeback? - Exclusive Survey

Some child stars seem destined for stardom from birth — when your parents are both successful entertainers, you have access to Hollywood in a way that other kids don't. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's kids, Willow and Jaden Smith, are an example of celeb offspring whose only claim to fame aren't their familial connections.

Many child stars keep working into adulthood, ensuring that they aren't simply remembered for the roles that made them famous. The "Harry Potter" cast has been exceptionally adept at avoiding the child star curse: Emma Watson played a Disney princess, Daniel Radcliffe transformed into Weird Al, and Robert Pattinson became Batman. Then there's Christina Ricci, who's appearing in Netflix's "Wednesday" series as an adult after playing Wednesday Addams in "The Addams Family" film and its sequel as a child, per Deadline.

Other child stars get thrust into the spotlight by their parents, and they grow to resent being sent to work long before adulthood. Former "iCarly" star Jennette McCurdy wrote a book about her experiences titled "I'm Glad My Mom Died," which details how her abusive mother pressured her into acting. "For me, fame was emotionally stunting," McCurdy told Teen Vogue. Much to her fans' disappointment, McCurdy hasn't acted for years and decided not to appear in the "iCarly" reboot. A number of other actors left their professions after finding fame at a young age, but there's one standout child star who Nicki Swift readers miss more than most.

Fans think it would be 'all that' if Amanda Bynes returned to acting

Nicki Swift surveyed 589 readers to find out which former child star they want to see make a comeback, and "All That" actor Amanda Bynes came out on top with nearly 28% of the vote. "Home Improvement" star Jonathan Taylor Thomas was next at 24%. The teen heartthrob stepped away from the spotlight to attend college, but reunited with his TV dad, Tim Allen, for a cameo on "Last Man Standing" in 2013, per Yahoo! Entertainment. "Full House" stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who skipped out on the "Fuller House" revival, filled in the third spot with 17% of the vote, and finishing in the bottom three were "Stuart Little" star Jonathan Lipnicki (14%), "Matilda" actor Mara Wilson (10%), and "Two and a Half Men" cast member Angus T. Jones (6%).

In addition to being a Nickelodeon star, Bynes appeared in movies including "Hairspray," "She's the Man," and "What a Girl Wants." Bynes told Paper she quit acting after being unhappy with her performance in "Easy A" and struggling with substance abuse for years. She was also placed under a conservatorship that was terminated in March, per Variety. Two months later, Bynes told TMZ that she'd love to reunite with Jennie Garth for a "What I Like About You" revival, but in an October 7 post on her Instagram Story, Bynes announced she was attending cosmetology school to become a manicurist, per Page Six.